There are many reasons for collecting artwork. For some people, a picture is an investment, for others, a personal statement or a means of expressing themselves in their home

For collectors of Doug Hyde the reasons why they like his work are almost always deeply personal, and they are beautifully summed up by one of his biggest fans: “I have been buying paintings for 20 years, but when I came across the sensational talent of Doug Hyde I felt a unique sense of connection with his work – it was like forming an instant close friendship. As well as an aesthetic, artistic appeal, there was something more that spoke to me, and I know I am not alone in this.

“These images lift my spirits when I look at them, they remind me that even in the 21st century, life is still about more than ambition, achievement and acquisition, and that it can be greatly enriched by a great piece of artwork and a smile.”

Longridge Gallery is happy to report that once again Doug has created a collection that will speak to people’s hearts and, with its summertime vibe, will also remind us that we are heading towards bright and happy times. These inspirational new releases take us on a memorable trip round the highlights of a very British summer, from dog-loving gardeners to intrepid swimmers and, of course, that essential seaside ingredient – the ice cream van. The collection includes a trio of vibrant paper editions, and Daisy Trail and Summertime are also available as highly detailed sculptures hand finished in classic Doug Hyde colours.

The charm, immediacy and diversity of the collection shows once again why Doug was described as, “The UK’s most popular living artist,” by BBC art correspondent David Sillitoe.

All the works are now available in Longridge Gallery but national demand is huge. The Summertime sculpture sold out from the publishers within four days of its release.

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