A Gallery Truly Like No Other

The only gallery in the UK to offer five centuries of art alongside quality antiques, sculpture and fabrics. Photography: Kirsten Platt

Walking into The Country House Gallery’s new premises at 134-138 St. James Street, Burnley, is like walking into a gallery truly like no other. Owned and refurbished by multi-award winning Re-dezine, responsible for the award winning refurbishment of the Freemasons Country Inn at Wiswell, it has that character trademark of enduring quality and style coupled with a seductive warmth that welcomes you in and makes you feel immediately at ease.

But that is just the start of your experience. There are so many fabulous things you don’t quite know where to look next. This isn’t just a quality antiques shop with a superb collection of antiques, antique prints and paintings nor is it a modern and contemporary art gallery offering 20th century and contemporary art, it isn’t even an award-winning designer of period interiors nor is it a specialist framers – it is in fact all of these. It is the only gallery in the UK offering art from five centuries. So whether you would like an 18th century portrait, a 19th century engraving, an abstract by one of the great 20th century British artists, pop art or a contemporary work by one of the country’s leading artists, then look no further, for here it is and superbly presented under one roof. And it doesn’t stop there.

Mirrors, both antique and contemporary, superb upholstery and curtain fabrics by Jim Dickens all add even further to the depth and quality of the offering at the gallery.

The character and individuality of this unique gallery hosting what must be the most diverse collection of art in the country are, however, not its only attributes. The ambience is warm, welcoming and relaxed. You can browse at your leisure or if you need help or advice there is 40 years of experience you can benefit from. All budgets are catered for. An unrivalled framing service is also available by Penny Howarth, who has just completed the framing for Andrew Brown’s new hotel at Crow Wood. The framing service offers not only a vast selection of contemporary and traditional mouldings but a selection of over 1000 genuine antique frames and a combined 70 years of experience in framing for designers, museums and collectors.

There’s so much more we could say about this unique and stunning gallery but the best thing is to experience it for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

The Country House Gallery
134-138 St James Street
Burnley BB1 11NR
01282 220979 
07867 787003



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