A Healthy, Happy Smile

A dazzling smile is only one by-product of healthy teeth and gums, and this new clinic will help you reap all the benefits of good oral hygiene writes Kate Ford. Photography: Roger Moore

One of the first things people notice about others is their teeth. A lovely smile, revealing clean, white teeth and healthy gums, is understandably considered an attractive attribute.

For many, this is incentive enough for taking oral hygiene seriously, but there are also many health-related reasons for keeping teeth clean and gums healthy. Mint Dental Hygiene is one of the first clinics of its kind in north west England, dedicated to offering expert dental hygiene services without the need for a dentist’s referral.

“This is a rapidly growing area of healthcare, as more people recognise the importance of healthy gums and teeth,” says Diane Washington, a dental hygienist with over 20 years’ experience. “With an independent clinic like ours, you don’t need to be referred, just make an appointment and we’ll look after you.”

Diane and her sister, Debbie Proctor, herself a professional dental nurse, opened Mint in October, with the aim to offer premium oral hygiene services alongside the best possible customer care. Services include scale and polish treatments of varying intensity, gum disease management, implant maintenance and expert teeth whitening.

“Every treatment includes gum disease screening, oral cancer screening and follow-up advice tailored to the individual client,” says Diane. “Gum disease is linked to a number of other health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and dementia, so it’s crucial that it’s dealt with it at the very first signs.”

Bleeding when brushing is the most obvious sign of gum disease and, at Mint Dental Hygiene, many clients get in touch for this reason. Others simply want to keep their teeth and gums super clean as part of their routine personal hygiene and, for them, a visit to the hygienist is as essential as the hair salon or gym.

The atmosphere and ambiance at Mint is certainly more akin to a spa than a dental clinic, with comfortable armchairs, calming décor, relaxing music and mood lighting.

“Patient care is at the forefront of everything we do,” says Debbie. “We know some people have been put off dental hygiene because they’ve suffered discomfort in the past, so we treat people extremely gently to build trust and make it an altogether more pleasant experience.”

It certainly seems to be working because Diane and Debbie are welcoming clients of all ages, including children, and have been doing so throughout lockdown. “As providers of healthcare services, we’re able to continue operating with the strictest of safety measures in place,” says Debbie.

Furthermore, until the new year, they’re offering new clients an initial consultation and scale/polish, for just £45, reduced from £50. Which is good news for anyone who wants to keep their teeth and gums clean, healthy and, dare we say it, in mint condition.

Mint Dental Hygiene
Unit 2, Carr House Business Centre
Carr House Lane, Bretherton, Leyland PR26 9AR
01772 379310



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