A Kitchen To Come Home To

The relentless pace of 21st century life means we all long for somewhere comfortable and familiar to come home to and relax in. For many of us, that means the kitchen

Although the kitchen is still the place where we cook, eat and entertain, over the years it has evolved into a family space, somewhere to do homework, sit and read or simply spend time with our loved ones. Creating this kind of space is a lot more straightforward and affordable than it used to be, thanks to Wren Kitchens. Wren offers thousands of different styles, units and colour combinations to help you build a flexible and unique kitchen that works for you and your family and create a place that welcomes you home after a tough day.

Creating a comfortable living space
When you visit a showroom, one of Wren’s expert kitchen designers will spend time with you, finding out what you need from your kitchen and helping you plan. Getting this stage right is crucial. It’s not just about the basics of getting the measurements spot on, it’s your chance to think about what you need your kitchen to do. You might want to consider living and lounge units to create an area within your kitchen for the family to relax with a comfy sofa and flat screen TV. Wren’s Infinity Plus Milano Ultra is the ideal range for this. It has stylish and modern units which you could pair with rich and textured granite worktops for a beautiful contrast.

Adaptability is key
For a kitchen that feels welcoming to every member of the household, aim to create a flexible room that adapts to everyone’s needs. This comes down to detail. An island or breakfast bar can evolve throughout the day from the place for children to eat their cereal before school, to a handy desk for anyone working at home, and extra prep or serving space for when you’re entertaining.

A kitchen for all seasons
It’s hard to beat a classic Shaker design when it comes to versatility or a warm welcome. Dressed up or pared down, Shaker units create functional spaces for efficient prepping, cooking, laundry and homework, yet at the same time make welcoming homely rooms for places to dine or be social.

A soft-touch Ermine finish brings out the beauty of the Shaker design. Available in a wide range of colours to suit your home and personal style, Shaker Ermine can be elegant in Charcoal, fresh in Moonlight or Pillow or country in Sage or Mushroom. Pick two or more colours to divide your space or create focal points. Match it with a simple, stylish tap, durable laminate worktops, and open shelving to add another opportunity to personalise your room with your favourite objects.

Wren Kitchens has a wide range of kitchens to choose from, and expert designers to help you plan what you need.

To find a kitchen you’ll love to come home to, head to your Wren Kitchens showroom, or browse the range of kitchens online, at: wrenkitchens.com



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