Acclaimed artist Malcolm Croft is set to return to Art Decor Gallery in Whalley to showcase his work for a third time in an exhibition aptly entitled A Whole New Landscape

Reflecting his move from Azille in the south of France to a small village near Poitiers in western France, artist Malcolm Croft has entitled his next exhibition A Whole New Landscape.

With the changing light, contrasting weather and flat panoramic views of the yellow landscape, Croft’s new home is very different to his interpretation of Mediterranean Azille, with its vivid blue skies and sunlight.

“We moved as I was looking for a new challenge as I had become too used to the landscape in the south – here it is much flatter. In the summer there are fields full of wheat, rapeseed and sunflowers – it’s very yellow.”

“The landscape here is very similar to East Anglia,” explains Croft, speaking from his farmhouse in the hamlet where he and his wife Sandra now live.”

“A lot of British people move to this region as it reminds them of a time past – it’s like England was 70 years ago but with the internet! There’s no crime, no traffic, no noise. This is what France is all about. The French call it ‘France authentique’ it is very unspoilt, very quiet and very beautiful – a different kind of beauty to the south.”

Since their move from Azille one-and-a-half years ago, Croft has produced 43 paintings, which will form the new exhibition at Art Decor Gallery.

While the blue skies and pantile roofs of the south of France featured prominently in Croft’s previous work, his new work is just as appealing: “I have had my moments, it has been a challenge in terms of working. But the change of light in the morning when I take my camera and sketch book, is beautiful. It’s been nice to once again produce a body of work that encapsulates the new landscape and surroundings in which we now live. I love France, it’s a wonderful country.”

Julie McCabe, of Art Decor Gallery, adds: “Once more, Malcolm has responded to his new environment in his own inimitable way, capturing the essence of this picturesque landscape with his intrinsic messages of colour and light.”

“Chris and I are again delighted to be showcasing our third exhibition with Malcolm. He is an exceptional artist and never fails to deliver.”

Previous exhibitions by Croft staged at Art Decor Gallery in 2015 and 2017, were extremely successful.

As Croft is not a prolific painter and does not do commissions, his paintings are often purchased on receipt of the catalogue prior to the preview event at the gallery.

The exhibition ‘A Whole New Landscape’ runs from 9th-27th April 2019 with a preview afternoon on Sunday 7th April from 2pm-5pm. Catalogues can be requested by contacting the gallery and the exhibition will also be available to see on-line.

Art Decor Gallery
6 The Arches
Whalley BB7 9SG
01254 824840



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