A New Year, A New You

Now we’re heading into a new year it’s time to think about our own personal health and wellbeing – and to feel our best, we often need to look our best

During 2020, plenty of people felt their mental health had been challenged and their physical health neglected. Working from home and not keeping up with personal fitness programmes led to weight gain, while hairdressers and beauty salons were closed, skincare and haircare regimes went by the wayside.

So, as we enter 2021 it’s time to reflect and take stock. What can we do over the next few months to improve and protect our personal health and wellbeing?

For a start we can all take some sort of exercise – even if it’s indoors but even better if it’s out in the fresh air. If you’re going to the gym, ensure you attend one that is hygiene conscious and adheres to government safety guidelines, that way you will be feel more comfortable and you will be more likely to stick to a regular exercise and work-out programme.

If you feel you’re not ready for the gym, go for a strenuous walk or if running is your thing, grab your trainers and off you go! Even if it’s raining, which it so often is, wear your waterproofs and get set for an adventure. After all, we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, so we have lots to appreciate.

We all know that exercise helps the body release ‘feel-good’ chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that trigger a positive feeling in the body, so what are you waiting for?

Once you feel that high, you will be more likely to keep up your regime, see fitness levels improve, and if you need to combine this with weight loss why not set yourself a goal and begin the year by eating healthily, which in turn will improve your wellbeing.

If you’ve neglected your usual hair and beauty regime, it’s a good idea to use the new year to maybe find a new look. Many hair and beauty salons offer a whole range of treatments but be sure to find a reputable one that will provide the results you’re after. Everyone wants to discover a treatment that will result in more youthful skin, that will give a subtle ‘refreshed’ look. Well, there’s lots of treatments out there that will do the trick. Do your research, get yourself a consultation so you can talk any potential treatment through with an expert, then make an informed decision.

Looking good and feeling good – they go together. So, start 2021 with a positive attitude and see what changes you can make.



Tedd Walmsley

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