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If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, using a hospital that offers a consultant led service is the best path to take, writes Emma Brereton

Euxton Hall private hospital, owned by Ramsay Health Care UK, provides an exceptional experience for every patient who walks through the door.

Chris Greenslade, recently appointed hospital director at Euxton Hall, brings a wealth of experience to the establishment, he said: “I am an experienced, highly visible, senior leader with more than 18 years’ experience in hospitals and I am thrilled to join the team here at Euxton in the heart of the north west. My focus has always been to ensure outstanding patient care and our team of cosmetic surgeons at Euxton Hall provide just that.”

In addition to Chris’ leadership, his team of highly reputable and acclaimed surgeons ensure personalised and individual care for each and every patient. These surgeons include:

Miss Lindsey Highton, is one of the few surgeons worldwide to be accredited in both plastic and breast surgery. In addition to technical attention to detail, Miss Highton places great importance on making patients feel comfortable and ensuring they have a full understanding of treatment options, surgery and the recovery process.

Mr. Andrea Marando, is one of the leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the north west and respected expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. Feedback from his clients includes statements such as: “Mr Marando was outstanding. Extremely honest, professional and caring.”

Mr Nadir Ali, has worked in plastic surgery since 2000 and an expert in microsurgery and breast reconstruction. Mr Ali actively encourages his client to discuss with him what they want to change and why. He explains to them the options available, and the likely results of a surgical procedure.

Mr Milind Dalal, a consultant plastic and cosmetic surgeon, is an expert in facial cosmetics. Like all our consultants he would actively encourage patients to gather as much information as they can about the procedure, the places that offer it (clinics and hospitals), and the surgeons who carry it out. He said: “Visit clinics and hospitals, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Reputable services will be happy to discuss everything with you.”

All of the Euxton Hall cosmetic surgeons offer a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Chris adds: “The number of patients who are choosing Euxton Hall Hospital for their care and treatment is increasing. We are proud to say our latest patient feedback survey results demonstrate that 100 per cent of Euxton Hall’s private patients are extremely likely to recommend the hospital to friends and family.

“Although we have already achieved a great deal in my short time here, we are not complacent. We continue to build on all elements of the care and services, including using the latest technologies, to ensure that Euxton Hall Hospital is the north west’s hospital of choice for cosmetic surgery.”

Euxton Hall Hospital
Wigan Road, Euxton, Chorley PR7 6DY
01257 276261



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