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In the heart of Longridge, situated in the old NatWest bank building on the high street, Raymond James Investment Services offers a range of services and capabilities normally only found in big cities

Raymond James Investment Services’ Branch Principal Wayne Hayhurst talks about the importance of people taking stock of their financial objectives and life goals – and what better time to do it than as part of a New Year’s resolution? Below are some ideas on what could be included in your 2021 financial plans, as well as how the Raymond James Ribble Valley branch could assist.

Make sure you’re on track to meet your financial goals
People often don’t know if they’re on track to meet their most important financial goals. In fact, when asked, the answer to this question is typically ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’. Financial goals are specific to each person and could be anything from making sure you’re on track to fund a three-decade retirement without financial worry, planning an exit from your business, funding a child’s education, or perhaps making sure your estate will end up with the people you want it to, for the reasons you choose.

To get your financial affairs under control
It is often the case that individuals amass a variety of pensions, investments and policies over their lifetime. This can result in a bombardment of confusing statements and updates, leaving people feeling overwhelmed and not in control of their finances. At Raymond James, we can advise on all types of pensions, plans and policies, as well as help simplify and consolidate all these accumulated assets.
Why not have 2021 as the year to get all the miscellaneous plans and policies reviewed, refreshed, simplified and back under control.

Review your pensions and retirement plans
Pensions are often people’s second most valuable asset after their home but are frequently neglected. It is important that they are serviced and looked after accordingly, just like you would a car. For instance, such a considerable asset being invested largely out of line with your risk tolerance or an inappropriate asset allocation, could have a detrimental impact on your retirement plans.
How much will your pension provide in retirement? How much should you be saving? How many years will your pension last at your desired standard of living before running out? We can help you answer these questions and devise a smart plan to ensure you achieve your retirement income goals.

Educate yourself financially
Many people do not feel like they have a good understanding of the stock market or personal finance. A good way to increase your knowledge is to listen to a financial podcast or read a personal finance book. The book I would recommend everyone to listen to or read is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Rebalance your investment portfolio
2020 was a year of extreme swings for virtually all asset classes. It is imperative you make sure your portfolio is well balanced and well positioned for whatever happens next, especially in the continuing uncertain economic and political environments we are currently in. At Raymond James, we may be able to obtain better investment performance with less risk.

How do we help people with their financial affairs?
We provide a high quality, independent, full-service solution for individuals and businesses. Having a wide range of experts here in the Longridge branch, allows us to help our clients meet their financial objectives and life goals. We help clients grow their wealth, live off their wealth and pass on their wealth to loved ones. Our key service areas are savings and investments, pensions and SIPPs, tax-efficient retirement income, stockbroking and estate planning.

Our team of 16 in-house specialists enable us to provide bespoke solutions to match our clients’ individual financial objectives and circumstances. The specialist roles include:
• Chartered Financial Planners
• Chartered Wealth Managers
• Pension Specialists
• Detailed Cashflow Planners
• Trust, Estate and Later Life Planners
• Investment Analysts
• Stockbrokers
• Discretionary Investment Managers

How are we different to other financial advisers and financial services?
My vision has always been simple – to build the most trusted and prominent wealth management firm in the Ribble Valley. We are able to offer the financial strength, infrastructure and resources of a large multinational financial powerhouse, with access to world class systems and research. But at the same time we can provide the personable, quality service of an owner managed, local business.
We don’t subcontract out to other service providers or companies – we have the capabilities, resources and expertise to do everything in-branch, in a full-service solution.
This allows our clients to deal face-to-face with specific specialists and strips out layers of costs as clients aren’t paying several different companies for the solution they receive.

Risk Warning: With investing your capital is at risk

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