Introduce high impact, low fuss colour and pattern to your kitchen with Annie Sloan’s trio of paints

Launching this summer, Annie Sloan’s satin paint is suitable for use on high traffic interior wood and metal, including tongue and groove, skirting boards, window sills and radiators, without the need for waxing or lacquering.

“Bright, pigment-packed shades are perfect for dynamic spaces like kitchens. Combining my Satin Paint, Wall Paint and Chalk Paint™ palettes, you can easily douse your kitchen in colour, from walls to cupboards and floors, for a dramatic look that’s sure to get your creative juices flowing,” says Annie.

Painting tiles is a simple and cost-effective way to add pattern. “Anyone can paint tiles, the only skill you need is patience,” explains Annie. “Geometric shapes look fabulous and are easy-peasy to create. Bowls, plates – you don’t need anything more complicated than that to create a pattern that packs a punch!”

As tiles are non-porous, Chalk Paint™ requires a longer drying and curing window than usual. Leave plenty of time between coats before sealing with Chalk Paint™ Lacquer to finish and protect.

On flooring, a minimum of two coats of lacquer is recommended for maximum durability. The full curing period for lacquer is 14 days, so if you’re able, paint tiles before laying them, to allow the longest curing time for your handiwork.




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