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Choosing to have any kind of cosmetic treatment is a decision not to be taken lightly, writes Emma Brereton

Whether the procedure is non-surgical such as an anti-wrinkle treatments or something more complex like reconstructive surgery, it’s essential the appointed team are experts in their field.

Cosmetic surgery is much more widely available these days, travelling to the capital to find a surgeon is a thing of the past as there are excellent facilities right here in the north west.

Fulwood Hall Hospital is one of Lancashire’s leading private hospitals with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality healthcare treatments and services. Owned by Ramsay Health Care, over the last 50 years it has grown to become a global hospital group. The hospital was recently awarded a ‘good’ rating by the CQC (the independent regulator for health and social care across the UK) following its un-announced visit to the hospital in August this year.

Mr Srinivasan, who is part of a team of consultant plastic surgeons, has been at the hospital for 15 years and is an advocate for the high level of care patients can expect, he said: “Myself, Mr Dalal, Mr McKirdy and Mr Agarwal ensure that we meet every single person who enquires about having cosmetic treatment. It’s important to understand exactly what the patient is looking for and how we can help in the safest way that will also achieve the desired look.

“Safety is the optimum word and so is quality. We look at the safety issues with every single procedure and how we can safely deliver results. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of cosmetic surgery becoming easily available, are the cheaper providers abroad. Opt for a high level of care and not a quick fix. Establishing a relationship with every person in the care of the cosmetics team is something that is high on the agenda at Fulwood Hall Hospital. Mr Srinivasan added: “It’s very rewarding to help people look and feel the way they want to, more youthful, valuable, even liberated and confident.”

The surgeons are supported by a knowledgeable team including ward manager Lucy Dewhurst and Katie Massey cosmetics coordinator. The cosmetics team provide everything from anti-wrinkle treatments to breast enlargement/reduction, tummy tuck, eye lid surgery, nose surgery and varicose vein removal.

“We are a very caring team,” says Lucy. “We strive to provide a first-class service that focuses on the patient enjoying their experience and being happy with the results.”

“We have a team of very experienced plastic surgeons at our hospital and I feel proud to be part of a team who strive to provide high quality and safe care for all our patients. With both surgical and non-surgical treatments available at our hospital, patients have the option to choose which type of treatment is right for them as not all patients want to undergo surgery.”

Furthermore, Katie Massey cosmetics coordinator, is a point of contact throughout the whole journey to answer any questions and there is a 24-hour nurse hotline for clinical advice.

For more information about the hospital and treatments available, visit: fullwoodhallhospital.co.uk or call 01772 965225 to arrange a no obligation consultation

Fulwood Hall Hospital
Midgery Lane, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9SZ
01772 965225



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