A Shoe Steeped In History

Stonyhurst has collaborated with Ribble Valley based shoe brand and Old Stonyhurst business owner Marco Vaghetti from LANX, to create a limited-edition shoe

Founded by Marco Vaghetti who left Stonyhurst in 2003, LANX masters the art of combining business wear and casual wear ‘for the boardroom to the bar’. Their shoes are high quality, British manufactured shoes which come in a variety of different styles, for both men and women.

The link with Stonyhurst and LANX was born through the joint love for Lancashire heritage and strong British roots. Being a local, OS, business owner many of Marco’s existing designs are named after places in the local area or influential people which have been meaningful to his upbringing and education, having strong links to Stonyhurst.

LANX are no strangers to embracing statement designs and this collaboration is no different. The limited-edition ‘mini range’ includes a men’s shoe and boot for casual or more formal occasions. Both products feature the Ribble Aster Tweed from the Stonyhurst College blazers on the exterior panels, the iconic Borrodale tartan from the girls’ skirts subtly lining the interior of the shoe and the Stonyhurst logo neatly embossed on the sole.

The Stonyhurst Borrodale tartan has a fascinating British history in itself, first being said to have been part of a kilt worn by Prince Charles Edward Stuart during the period of the 1745 Jacobite Rising. More recently, a bolt of this tartan material was gifted to the Queen on a visit to Stonyhurst in 1991 and later being made into a pair of trousers for HRH The Prince Edward.

Marco has a passion for supporting his local community and believes in ‘giving back’ to those who have supported him on his journey to becoming the successful business man that he is. For every shoe sale, 20 per cent of the profits will be donated to The Stonyhurst Foundation, which is exclusively focused on widening access to a Stonyhurst education.

“To link up with my old school, Stonyhurst, and create a collaboration is very special to me and for my business, LANX. I’m sure my old art teachers, Mrs Robinson and Mr Crabtree, would be delighted to see that my creative juices are still flowing. Stonyhurst was, and still is, a very special place and I am delighted to work with the school on this exciting project.”

This limited-edition range of shoes is available to buy now on the LANX website. This is your opportunity to walk around with a piece of Stonyhurst history of your own – we don’t expect them to be around for long: https://lanxshoes.com/collections/stonyhurst



Tedd Walmsley

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