TOTI have launched their very own brand of delicious chocolate just in time for Christmas, writes Olivia Beaty. Photography: Paul Melling

Looking over the stunning Fylde countryside, located next door to The Cartford Inn, lies the independent and truly unique delicatessen – TOTI.

The deli offers characteristic style and a rustic charm bringing together some of the best produce from across Lancashire, which has been carefully selected by The Cartford Inn team. Products include Grandma Singleton’s foods, Atkinson’s coffee and Black Powder gin. TOTI offers their very own home made delicious foods, including artisan breads and cakes, which can be eaten in or taken out. Why not stop by for lunch and try the TOTI special, French onion soup.

Run by foodie Jeanie Beaume, TOTI is very much a family affair. With her parents Patrick and Julie running The Cartford Inn restaurant, they are very much on hand to share their knowledge, passion and experience with their daughter.

Jeanie tells me: “TOTI is short for Taste of The Inn, the original idea of the deli was that customers could taste the foods in the restaurant and then buy it from TOTI to take home.” Having now been open over two years TOTI have decided to launch their own brand of foods, starting with chocolate!

“I feel it’s time to take TOTI to the next level, and I am very excited,” said Jeanie.

After undertaking plenty of customer and market research, Jeanie worked closely with local chocolatier Bryan Townson to perfect seven of the most tantalising flavours. With Jeanie’s innovation and Bryan’s wealth of experience in the industry the pair have created a taste sensation.

Choose from the serious dark chocolate flavours of Blackcurrant & Liquorice, Sea Salt & Liquorice or Peanut Butter.

For milk chocolate lovers TOTI have the fun flavour of Candied Nut & Bourbon Caramel. TOTI also have their own TOTI kisses which are lip shaped milk or white chocolates with bright red colouring – ideal presents for loved ones.

All the chocolates are attractively wrapped in small, shiny, delightful packages waiting to excite your taste buds!

Jeanie explained to me the inspiration behind flavours: “Blackcurrant liquorice were my mum’s favourite sweets when she was a child so this flavour was a must. I chose the Candied Nut and Bourbon Caramel as this is the taste of our TOTI choux bun, which is loved by many therefore I really wanted this to feature in the chocolates.”

TOTI have got Christmas covered offering their very own Christmas hampers. These are made bespoke to each customer based on their price range. Choose your selected foods, drinks and chocolates and with the impressive wrapping, the hampers offer the ideal Christmas gift.

Whether you are after foods for a dinner party, a special gift or just a cake and coffee, you will not be disappointed, and I promise you will leave with more than you planned to!

TOTI – The Cartford Inn
Cartford Lane, Little Eccleston PR3 0YP
01995 670166



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