A Vision in Green

A local golf club and optician team up to say thank you. Photography: Steve Wright

On 30th June 2019, The Spectacle Factory Opticians held its Customer Appreciation Day at Ashton & Lea Golf Club. The main purpose of the event was to thank some of their customers for their loyalty by treating them to a round of golf at one of Lancashire’s best courses.

Thirty-six golfers of varying ability attended the event, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and the sun was shining throughout the six hours that the event was held.

“I’m having a great day, it’s a good course and lovely conditions, although the wind is a bit of a challenge,” said Peter Stout. “It’s a great experience looking through these Nike golf glasses.”

Doug Heke won the competition overall, earning a £200 gift voucher to spend on golf sunglasses, and Robert Rae won the nearest to the pin, earning a £100 gift voucher.

The Spectacle Factory Opticians is the main sponsor of Ashton & Lea Golf Club, a partnership which was established due to the company offering tailor-made golf eyewear in partnership with Nike.

Specialised golf eyewear can enhance the wearer’s ability to track both the ball and read the greens. For those who require a prescription, golfing glasses can also improve focusing when addressing the ball and peripheral vision.

Find out more about golf eyewear, visit: www.thespectaclefactory.com

For more information on Ashton & Lea Golf Club visit: www.ashtonleagolfclub.co.uk



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