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A Westholme education is a way of life. Meena McDonald talks to Principal Dr Richard Robson to find out more

Every parent wants the best education for their child. We’re not just talking about academic achievement, but a joyous experience which will set your child apart and provide them with the 21st century skills to take them through life and onto successful careers.

Westholme has proved it can deliver this. With a warm, inclusive and nurturing environment alongside the academic acumen borne out in the recent record breaking GCSE and A Level results, it truly is the leading school in Lancashire which promises every child a first class education.

The school thrives on the myriad of experiences available to each student and the incredibly vibrant environment. Along with the academic rigour of the teaching provided by the excellent staff, the school provides extra-curricular opportunities to every student whatever their interests may be, allowing them to explore their aspirations and broaden their horizons to become confident, independent and high achieving individuals.

Dr Robson continued: “We set equal value on everything we provide, whether that’s chemistry or the kayaking club. This, we believe allows our students to thrive in a safe and encouraging environment whilst they develop the qualities that are essential to sustain a successful career in the outside world.”

Since Dr Robson joined the school in January this year it has experienced a renewed sense of direction and the energy within the school is quite remarkable. Whilst the increased intake of students has been dramatic, this has been combined with a new investment programme and the building of the new Prep School, which will bring the whole school onto one site, is only just the start – there’s a lot to be excited about at Westholme!

Some students leaving the senior school who had chosen to explore possibilities outside of Westholme post-16, returned after only a few days realising how stimulating and incomparable the new INSPIRED Sixth Form is that they won’t experience anywhere else. The intake for all years has increased considerably and Years 7, 10 and 11 are now full with a waiting list. External students are only able to join the current Years 8 and 9 and they are filling up fast. It is remarkable what is happening as the school can demonstrate that every pupil will achieve the highest grades attainable in their GCSEs, as well as experience this unrivalled holistic excellence which has captured the imagination of so many.

One student leaving the INSPIRED Sixth Form this summer commented: “The one-to-one support of staff is invaluable and I know without the support, encouragement and guidance of Westholme I would not be as ready or as confident to go out into the wider world and make my mark on society.”

This comment sums up the students’ unequalled passion for the school when they attribute their success to the unique Westholme experience.

Westholme is a selective school so an entrance exam must be taken and a reference provided from the student’s current school to ensure they fit into the environment and are able to positively contribute to the school with kind, respectful and courteous behaviour which ensures the warm, caring ethos synonymous with Westholme.

Those considering the INSPIRED Sixth Form can also apply for the Sixth Form INSPIRED Scholarship which covers between 50 per cent to 100 per cent of school fees for both years of study in Year 12 and 13. Students will need predicted at least seven GCSE grade 7s or higher to apply for the scholarship, and those successful will be joining students who go on to study at Oxbridge, top courses at Russell Group universities, specialist educational institutions or are selected out of hundreds of applicants for coveted degree apprenticeships.

Dr Robson concluded: “If you haven’t considered Westholme or indeed any independent school before, then we encourage you to come along and see what we have to offer, you may well be surprised and completely blown away with what we can provide for your child. Our authentic and down to earth approach appeals to students from all walks of life and our inclusivity will make them feel instantly at home, relaxed and easily able to partake in our exciting school life. Westholme is not a school really, it is a way of life, the making of our students and the whole family become an extension of the Westholme family when students join.”

To request a personal tour of the school contact the Admissions Manager, Miss Katie Gallagher on 01254 506088 or email: registrar@westholmeschool.com

Westholme School
Wilmar Lodge, Meins Road
Blackburn BB2 6QU
01254 506070



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