Twenty-first-century technology has transformed the life of a sprightly pensioner who recently got his first iPhone to enable him to have complete control over his hearing. Photography: Lee Parkinson

For 93-year-old Paul Walker, his life has literally been transformed by 21st century technology and good old-fashioned customer care.

Having been diagnosed as being hard of hearing more than three decades ago during a company hearing test, Paul was fitted with NHS hearing aids, as he explains: “I had severe loss of high frequency hearing but the hearing aids were a great improvement.”

Paul also needed his ears syringing on a regular basis but the waiting time was lengthy so he decided to contact audiologist Nish Vasant at Fresh Hearing, who was able to carry out the procedure much quicker as well as fitting Paul with ‘in-canal’ hearing aids.

While these improved Paul’s hearing further, he struggled to hear when he made phone calls: “I was really apprehensive about making phone calls and it got to the stage where I would rather drive to see the person rather than make a phone call.”

Hearing aid specialist Nish then fitted Paul with updated Widex hearing aids that enabled him to make landline phone calls, thanks to a signal transmitted from an associated handset.

“That was wonderful being able to make calls but it wasn’t any use when I was out and about or driving, so I had a consultation with Nish and we decided that we would look into a Widex system that works with an iPhone.”

“I had never even heard of an iPhone! But I decided to get one and Nish explained the whole process to me.”

“So when I get up in the morning I log on to Widex and I can control the level of amplification in each ear. I have complete control. Not only does it enable me to make phone calls when I am out and about, it has opened up a whole new world to me!” explains Paul, who speaks regularly to members of his family in Prague, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire via Facetime.

“I can log on and speak to them in far flung places – it’s fantastic!” adds Paul, who has now been enjoying the iPhone Widex hearing technology for more than a year.

“Nish has been absolutely marvellous. He was very patient, explaining everything very clearly and if I had any problems he was more than willing to help me. I have got used to the system now and it really has been life-changing!”

Fresh Hearing
65 Lower Deardengate, Haslingden BB4 5SN
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