Two world class consultants have joined the team at Ramsay Health Care’s Fulwood Hall Hospital

Fulwood Hall Hospital is one of Lancashire’s leading private hospitals with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality healthcare treatments and services. Owned by Ramsay Health Care, over the last 50 years it has grown to become a global hospital group. The hospital was recently awarded a good rating by the CQC (the independent regulator for health and social care across the UK) following its unannounced visit to the hospital in August 2018.

Earlier this year the team at Fulwood were thrilled to have two new consultants join a team already blessed with a wealth of talent.

Sof Rimouche is a consultant plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon.

He is the education lead of plastic surgery for Health Education North West of England, as well as a consultant plastic surgeon at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He has an interest in aesthetics and cosmetic rejuvenation, both surgical and non-surgical. He believes in combination treatments with a focus on patients’ interests to achieve the desired results. He is passionate about patient safety, effective communication, minimally invasive procedures and the delivery of high-quality outcomes and care with great service. Patients’ interest and focus is at the very heart of his practice.

Procedures include:
• Facial surgery
• Prominent ear correction
• Breast: augmentation, reduction, lift/mastopexy, gynaecomastia
• Body: lift, abdominoplasty, apronectomy, thigh lift, arm lift/brachiaplasty, buttock lift, liposuction and fat transfer
• Gynaecological rejuvenation: labiaplasty
• Skin rejuvenation: non-surgical treatments and lasers
• Minor skin and skin cancer surgery and scarring management

Why not visit: www.iwantgreatcare.co.uk to see a few reviews provided by previous patients of Mr Sof Rimouche.

Or book a free no obligation chat with Sof at one of our open evenings on 21st August 6.00pm, 4th September 6.00pm or 18th September 6.00pm, by calling 01772 911426

Mr Matt Dawson is a leading knee surgeon based in the north west of England and now operating out of Fulwood Hall Hospital. He is a founder member of the Osteotomy Expert Group. Matt is a knee surgeon who specialises in sports injuries and degenerative conditions affecting the knee.

He is one of the leading authorities on osteotomy surgery in the UK.
An osteotomy is a surgical operation whereby a bone is cut to shorten or lengthen it or to change its alignment. Knee osteotomy is used when a patient has early-stage osteoarthritis that has damaged just one side of the knee joint. By shifting weight off the damaged side of the joint, an osteotomy can relieve pain and significantly improve function in an arthritic knee.

Matt truly believes in the principle of joint preservation in order to prolong knee activity and knee function to the highest level. His philosophy is to individually assess patients with the appreciation that alignment and stability of the knee are the bedrock to successful knee function and successful surgery.

Margaret-Ann Worrel Hospital Director at Fulwood Hall Hospital commented: “We are thrilled to have Matt join our team. This innovative type of surgery, up until now, was only really available in London and the provinces, but now we can offer this preserving and innovative surgery to patients all over the north west.”

To book to attend one of our no obligation chats with Matt, on 29th August 6.00pm, 28th November 6.00pm, call: 01772 911426

Fulwood Hall Hospital
Midgerly Lane
Fulwood, Preston PR2 9SZ



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