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With the hustle and bustle of everyday life often taking priority over our health and wellbeing, it can be difficult to take some time to rediscover the beauty and excitement the world around us has to offer

Whilst many of us take two weeks over the summer to recharge and relax on a beach, Freedom Adventure offers a holiday with a difference. One which is guaranteed to change your outlook and perspective from the moment you step off the plane.

Founded in 2000 by Nepalese porter, Jagan Nath Timilsina; Freedom Adventure offers sustainable, eco-friendly adventure trips and treks to Everest Base Camp.

Jagan’s story begins thousands of miles away in the Himalayas – first as a porter and then as a guide. Life was challenging for Jagan, who grew up in poverty, isolated in a remote community blighted by years of civil unrest.

Saving every penny, Jagan learned more about tourism, accompanying trekkers from all over the world as they attempted to conquer The Himalaya’s unforgiving peaks. After achieving his guide licence and finally scaling Everest, Jagan established his own company – Freedom Adventure, sharing his passion with the world and vowing to support his community with employment opportunities.

Whilst Everest lies thousands of miles away, vast and mysterious, the adventure that awaits may be closer than you think.

Andrew Forster is a Preston-based businessman who – after a life-changing trip to Everest Base Camp returned to the north west a changed man.

“My daughter was born with a haemangioma tumour on her temple and after the unwavering support from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, I wanted to raise some money by pushing my body to its absolute limit,” explains Andrew.

Flying to Kathmandu and exploring the rich delights of Nepal’s pagodas, street markets and colourful cultural history; Andrew’s trek to Base Camp changed his life. With a fresh outlook and an overwhelming feeling of triumph and life-affirming realisation, Andrew made friends for life and realised he too, wanted to share this exuberant feeling with the people of Lancashire.

After setting up the first UK branch of Freedom Adventure, Andrew now assists keen trekkers, bucket-list enthusiasts, dreamers and thrill-seekers, by making their Everest Base Camp dream a reality.

Perhaps surprisingly, journeying to Everest Base Camp may not be as complex, expensive or as far removed as some would think. Offering a bespoke, personalised service and flexible, affordable payments, Freedom Adventure makes this intrepid journey as accessible as possible.

“Whilst trekking Everest Base Camp is of course a huge challenge, the experience I had far outweighed the toll this trek took on my body,” said Andrew. “The people, the scenery, the stories and the moments I shared, made me realise how much more there was to life. My previous worries and concerns ebbed away and with the right training and support any able person can make the trip and have the same life-changing adventure.”

With treks taking place in February – May and September – December, Freedom Adventure is now booking trips for its 2020 season and beyond.

Small groups are guaranteed and support from the experienced, passionate team is offered from the moment of booking. Flexible payments are also accepted and with flight booking guidance and on-the-ground knowledge, there is no better time to enquire about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For more information, visit:

Follow Freedom Adventure on Facebook or call: 01772 915519



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