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It’s the dawning of a new era for Penwortham Golf Club, as Chairman Dave Brookes and the Board of Directors set out their vision for the future of this historic parkland course, writes Victoria Bamber

With a vibrant reputation and forward-thinking approach, Penwortham Golf Club is one of the most popular golfing institutions in the Lancashire area. Reasonable fees, abundant member benefits and a friendly atmosphere are key factors in the club’s popularity and the board have innovative plans for enhancing its future.

“We want to give the best possible experience to members and visitors alike,” explained Dave, “so in terms of facilities, the course and competitions, we really are striving to offer excellent value for money and a welcoming atmosphere. Our members are our best advertisement, so a huge part of what we do is ensuring their requirements are met.”

For many golf clubs, ensuring longevity and encouraging the next generation to take up the sport is key.

Penwortham Golf Club is introducing innovative new ways of ensuring all members are well catered for. To attract younger, more time-precious members, the club is offering new membership categories and a range of different competitive and fun events – from 9-hole evening competitions, to weekend events which mix fun golf with a social flavour.

Dave commented: “We want as many full members as possible, which is why we have introduced pricing that suits a range of lifestyles and requirements. In the 21st century it’s crucial that golf clubs are flexible and take into account different budgets and lifestyles which is exactly what we are doing at Penwortham.”

Looking to the future, Penwortham Golf Club is determined to remain ahead of the game and maintain its excellent reputation in the heart of South Ribble. As well as offering a beautifully maintained parkland course, a recently refurbished clubhouse and a friendly atmosphere; members can also take part in a variety of representative matches against other clubs from across Lancashire (including Southport and Preston leagues).

Mixed golf is particularly popular at Penwortham, as Dave says: “In many ways, mixed competitions are a lot of people’s favourites with members enjoying the opportunity to compete alongside their partners and enjoy the sociable atmosphere. At the end of the day this is our hobby, golf is a wonderful pastime and we encourage anyone thinking of playing to come down to Penwortham and give it a try – you won’t regret it!”

Open Day packages available at Penwortham Golf Club on 23rd September between 11am and 4pm. All packages are for 15 months from October ’18 to December ’19 inclusive

Penwortham Golf Club
Blundell Lane
Penwortham PR1 0AX
01772 744630



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