Holden Clough is now in full bloom so it’s a fabulous time to visit and enjoy all that the nursery has to offer

Now that summer is here, the vibrant colours and sweet scents of blooms are all in evidence at Holden Clough where the growing fields are full and the potting machines are working their magic.

With the home-grown ethos at the heart of this delightful nursery, plants raised in the growing fields are chosen and nurtured to withstand whatever the northern climate throws at them so visitors can be assured that whatever plant they select, it will survive and thrive.

And with Tatton Flower Show on the horizon there are some spectacular plants being grown and some amazing species set to be showcased. John and Kate Foley of Holden Clough have won 25 consecutive gold medals for their acclaimed show gardens at Tatton, Harrogate and Southport so it’s all systems go at the nursery, which displays plants and shrubs according to the habitat in which they will thrive. Alternatively, visitors will also see colourways that go well and grow well together – and there is always John and his team of expert horticulturalists to advise on how to get the best out of your garden.

Meander along the pretty shale paths down towards the beck and you will discover the Pots and Pithoi area where Cretan pots are beautifully displayed. These pots, which make a fabulous focal point within a garden, grace the gardens of HRH Prince Charles’ Highgrove Estate.

Working in a collaboration with some of the finest potters in Crete, who are still using the same ancient traditional methods to this day, Pots and Pithoi craftsmen produce these wonderfully unique pots in a huge variety of different styles. Those displayed at Holden Clough range from lovely well- proportioned pots suitable for summer flower displays or smart bay trees to huge, eye-catching showstoppers.

Full of the hot vibrant colours of summer, the Glasshouse at Holden Clough is filled with more gorgeous garden and home accessories. Exotic orchids adorn beautiful furniture sourced from faraway lands, there are self-contained terrariums featuring succulents along with an eclectic collection of handmade soaps, candles and lovely lanterns, both solar powered and candlelit, adding a touch of magic to your garden.

This summer make sure you pay Holden Clough a visit – from the growing fields to the Glasshouse and everything else in between, you will find a sprinkling of stardust at every turn.

Holden Clough Nurseries
Holden, Bolton-by-Bowland
Clitheroe BB7 4PF
01200 447615



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