There are plenty of proven benefits to owning a pet, writes Libby Faulkner

Dogs have long been held as the definition of ‘man’s best friend’ and research shows that owning one can reduce the potential for depression and increase motivation to exercise.

It’s no easy commitment and means some hard work training, walking and caring for your dog but the reward has been scientifically proven to be worth it.

Whether it’s a puppy sized sausage dog or a larger breed, the Ribble Valley has bountiful walking routes and dog friendly pubs to welcome you and your four legged friend.

Owning a dog or other pet is also known to have vast improvements on a person’s social wellbeing as well encouraging owners to be more active and interactive with each other, reducing the effects of loneliness particularly for elderly people.

So with all those benefits, owning a dog, cat or any other pet certainly has plenty of advantages!



Tedd Walmsley

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