Another Great Evening!

On a poor night with the A59 closed, 15 Supper Club guests managed to arrive on time at Yu Copster Green for an evening of sparkling conversation and laughter

Live Ribble Valley’s singles Supper Club held a highly successful evening at Yu Copster Green recently, with conversation flowing between guests. On arrival everyone enjoyed a welcome drink with the choice of wine, cocktail or beer.

The host for the evening was Lynn Scholes, who said: “Some guests said they had been slightly apprehensive as they arrived, but the warmth of the welcome from the whole group immediately settled any nerves.”

It was the second event for Supper Club, which is for like-minded single men and women who enjoy good conversation and great food.

The guests at Yu were a mix of ladies and men, some of whom had attended the inaugural sell-out Supper Club at the Red Pump at Bashall Eaves.

“The enthusiasm for the singles Supper Club was amazing and convinced me that there is a real need for a club like this where professionals can meet new people, enjoy fine food and conversation with no strings attached,” said Lynn.

“As host there is always a slight anxiety as to how everyone would get on. This group made my job so easy! Anyone looking on would have thought they had been great friends for many years.”

Guests came from Clitheroe, Whalley and Gisburn as well as further afield and many had common acquaintances through other friendship groups.

Following the starter, diners went ‘Australian’ changing seats as the night progressed so everyone had the chance to speak to as many people as possible.

Lynn said: “Those who hadn’t visited Yu before were blown away with the quality of food. There was no hurry to depart after the meal and the wonderful comments as people departed, left me in no doubt as to how much guests had enjoyed themselves.

“It was good to see a number of people exchanging phone numbers – hopefully the start of great friendships.”

“All the men that attended Yu have booked for our next event and I hope that encourages other gentlemen to join us.”

“We hope the group grows organically – we have some great restaurants lined up for ‘foodie’ nights as well as other events in the hope of encouraging even more people to join us.”

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