When buying a used car, you need peace of mind, so Matthew Parkinson went to see how Bowker tips the odds in your favour

What’s not to love about a new car? Everything feels tight as a drum, the interior is fresh, the paintwork is gleaming, but the odometer tells me this car’s done almost 10,000 miles. This isn’t a mistake – this car is part of the BMW Approved Used Car scheme.

The reason so many of us opt for a used car over new is simple – they’re less expensive, but buying a used car can be a minefield. Thankfully, buying a car at Bowker through the BMW Approved Used Car scheme takes the stress out of second-hand car shopping, ensuring your next purchase is more of a bargain than a banger, rigorously putting each car through a 120 point check before it reaches its forecourt.

First, Bowker check each vehicle’s history to ensure that your car-to-be hasn’t been stolen or clocked, and that the service history is up to date. Once this is done, qualified BMW Technicians get under the skin of each car to make sure each component, however small, works exactly as it did when new. Any items that fail are replaced with genuine BMW parts (which come with a two year unlimited mileage warranty) without hesitation.

Only if the car has made it this far will it be offered for sale. Thankfully, BMW and MINI’s reputation for reliability means there are plenty to choose from in a range of colours, trim levels and specifications. What’s more, Bowker’s support doesn’t stop the minute you drive off into the sunset.

Each car sold comes with a minimum 12 month BMW warranty which provides unlimited mileage protection against breakdown and repair costs for parts and labour for a minimum of 12 months. All factory-fitted mechanical and electrical components are covered, even the exhaust and the battery are guaranteed. With a minimum of 12 month’s BMW roadside assistance, you’re covered for an accidental or mechanical emergency in the UK, Ireland and continental Europe, with assistance or recovery of your car.

With other used cars, the MOT test can challenge our fight-or-flight reflexes as we steel ourselves in anticipation of a sharp intake of breath and a hefty bill, not so with Bowker. Under the Approved Used Car scheme, your car is covered for any work required by an MOT test for at least 12 months. Want extra reassurance? Bowker offer a range of pay monthly service plans to offer support for years after your sale.

When all’s said and done, it’s almost unfair to call these cars ‘used’ since each component is checked to ensure it’s virtually as good as new. Still, there’s one part of the car you’ll be glad has diminished with age, the price.

Bowker Preston BMW
Channel Way
Preston PR2 2YA
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