Are Your Brows Disappearing?

As we mature our brows can become more sparse, thin and unruly but there is an answer, as beauty expert Angela Kay explains

It could be said that the joys of getting older are few and far between. While some discover a new-found confidence as the years go by, many find it difficult to cope with fading looks and ageing bodies!

As we mature our faces change as skin loses its elasticity and our eyebrows become sparse and unruly. So how can we revitalise our looks by enhancing our brows so they still look natural?

Eyebrows frame the face, they are an important part to our overall look, but what happens when our brows naturally begin to thin? Dyeing them is no longer an option as this only ends up staining the skin, while applying pencil or cosmetics can often be a difficult and tiresome task for those who wear glasses and are unable to properly see to get a great, natural outline.

Even if we don’t wear glasses the cosmetic route is not ideal if we want to keep our brows looking and feeling natural, especially if we are active and have little time, or patience, to apply eyebrow pencil.

So, what’s the answer? Angela Kay is one of the brow industry’s experts when it comes to revolutionary Microblading, a semi-permanent make-up system that allows the practitioner to draw fine, hair-like, pigmented lines to infill your own natural brows.

Angela was one of the first practitioners in the North West to introduce this revolutionary treatment and has since carried out over 1000 procedures.

The results are truly amazing! From the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep at night your brows will look in tip-top shape and condition.

With little maintenance they can once again create a natural frame to your face, rejuvenating and refreshing your looks.

Microblading is the perfect solution if you are seeking a no-fuss, natural way to enhance sparse brows and the results can last up to three years!

If you would like to know more about any of Angela Kay’s treatments call 01254 879770 or book online at: and where you can also see lots of Microblading before and after pictures

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