Avoiding Botched Beauty Treatments

In the age-old search for perfection, thousands are putting their health and lives at risk by rushing into non-surgical cosmetic treatments without considering the possible risks, explains Jane Chadwick, medical negligence specialist at Farleys

As the carefully preened bodies of Love Island contestants returned to our screens in June and people jetted off in droves on their summer holidays, there’s been a significant rise in those seeking out cosmetic ‘tweakments’ to achieve their desired summer looks at seemingly a fraction of the cost and time.

Previously, in order to aesthetically enhance your appearance, you would need surgery, requiring a great deal of time to make the decision to go ahead with such a procedure. These days, there are non-surgical options achieved using dermal fillers which can be reversable, require less down time and are often at a lower cost than surgical options. As a result, many see these as a quick fix to tweak their appearance before events such as holidays and weddings.

What to consider before booking a ‘tweakment’:
Firstly, it’s vital to remember that not all of those claiming to be aesthetics experts are actually experts. Due to current UK laws, a lot of these types of treatments can be carried out by anyone as there is very limited regulation in the beauty industry. Though it is important to note that as of October 2021, it is illegal to administer botulinum toxin injections and dermal fillers purely for cosmetic reasons, to under 18s.

I would advise, if you are over 18 and looking for a practitioner to perform treatments such as lip fillers and wrinkle smoothers, you should:
• Choose a medical practitioner with appropriate training, insurance and accreditations
• Use a dedicated practice
• Research the person carrying out the procedure
• Assess the standards of hygiene and risk of cross contamination – for example, is the procedure taking place in the back of a hair salon or in a clean and clinical room?
• Check reviews
• Always seek a consultation
• Be wary of cheap prices and too good to be true deals
• Ensure the practitioner completes a routine follow up and provides an emergency phone number

If these steps are followed, the majority of these cosmetic treatments will go smoothly (no pun intended). However, in the event that you do suffer an injury as a result of a substandard beauty treatment, Farleys’ Clinical Negligence Team may be able to assist you in making a claim for compensation to cover any costs incurred in fixing the damage.

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