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A local artist who has exhibited throughout the UK, is set to hold his first solo show

A crash course with a professional artist was a transformative point in David Youds’ career, which has led to him having his work shown in London galleries and at the Royal Scottish Academy.

A member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, with its most famous affiliate being LS Lowry, David has his first solo exhibition coming up next month.

As a youngster David always loved art, but on leaving St Augustine’s School in Billington, he was unsure as to which path to pursue: “I always had lots of encouragement from teachers but didn’t really know how to go about becoming an artist,” says David, who went on to enrol on a graphic design course then subsequently a Fine Art degree at UCLan: “Traditional painting wasn’t seen as fashionable back then – a lot of the students were doing other things like installations and more abstract ideas, which wasn’t for me.”

Still unsure as to what he was going to do, David took a job at a local printers to support his growing family: “I wasn’t doing much painting at all,” he recalls.

Taking a short course in oil painting with Preston-based Artist Norman Long helped to reignite his interest. “In the short time I was on the course I had learnt a great deal. It was also inspirational meeting other artists who shared the same passion for painting.”

David, whose twin brother Michael is also an artist, adds: “My brother had a portrait of his flatmate in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London and I thought, ‘maybe I could give it a try’.”

On his second attempt a painting of an interior with the focus on a pair of child’s wellington boots made it through the selection process and was well received at the Royal Society of British Artists Exhibition: “Having a painting in a London gallery hanging next to other artists that I worshipped was a real buzz. The first time you get selected to be in an exhibition like that is a big confidence boost.”

David also made it through to Sky TV’s Landscape Artist of the Year back in 2019 which attracted around 2,000 entries. “To be selected to take part was absolutely terrifying, I had never done anything like that before as I didn’t have the confidence,” he recalls.

David’s heat was to paint a view of Tyne Bridge in Newcastle: “It was difficult contending with interruptions from judges and the TV cameras as well as trying to produce a painting within the four-hour time limit. I was really out of my comfort zone, but surprised myself in how composed I actually was on the day.”

With half an hour left in the competition, David added a final touch to his painting: “There was a bus going over the bridge, so I added a small dab of red paint, which worked really well. I did have time to make other adjustments but I didn’t want to over-work it, so I sat back hoping it was enough.”

When judging time came, the final three paintings were picked and eventually David’s work was selected as the heat winner.

“I was delighted to have won,” says David, who has since exhibited his work more widely and has sold a number of paintings to buyers in London, Australia and the US.

His first solo exhibition featuring around 30 paintings is being held in July, as he explains: “I am excited about it and I’ve been working hard painting and framing,” he adds. “I like the idea of finding beauty in the most ordinary of places. Parked cars, traffic signs, a sink, a terraced street, and a bus stop are just some of my chosen subjects.”

David Youds’ first solo exhibition is being held at the Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington, from 27th July to 15th September. Admission is free. Artist talk date to be confirmed, private view Thursday 25th July, 6pm-8pm.

If anyone is interested in attending either, please contact David via email: or the Haworth Art Gallery 01254 233782.



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