As a county Lancashire has an abundance of attractions and you can be sure of a warm welcome wherever you choose for your next adventure

While you probably want to explore all that the Ribble Valley has to offer, you may also wish to go further afield.

Beyond the Valley there are some lovely places to visit especially if you enjoy history, beautiful countryside and, of course, a good cup of tea!

On the fringes of the Ribble Valley there are lots of villages and small towns to discover. Within a short drive are some lovely, quirky markets and small retail developments selling unique items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Antiques and collectables that can be found in the most unlikely places, hand-made jewellery and art as well as farmers’ markets selling local artisan produce can all be found just a few miles outside the Ribble Valley.

Instead of taking the main roads, why not venture along pretty country lanes to your chosen destination – or make a whole day of it and stop for lunch along the way.

Most destinations these days have their own tea shop, where you can enjoy a refreshing cuppa, a light bite or delicious homemade cakes.

While the Ribble Valley has its fair share of agricultural and country shows, there are also plenty further afield too that feature cattle, horses, sheep, dogs along with a wealth of stalls and displays many retailing country clothing and accessories.

If you exhaust the family attractions here in the Ribble Valley, venture just outside the border to country parks where children can see working farms in action and see and feed the animals.

Historically, while the Ribble Valley has an abundance of arts and cultural activities, there is also plenty to see further afield with small independent galleries and historic homes that open up their doors in the summer.

While we hope you enjoy your stay here, we also hope that you will make time to adventure and explore all that Lancashire as a county has to offer too. You will always find a warm welcome wherever you go, as Lancashire folk are well known as a friendly bunch, who like nothing better than to have a chat over a nice cup of tea!



Tedd Walmsley

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