Birthday Celebrations All Round

A big Happy Birthday to La Tete et Tout! Celebrating three huge milestones in the towns of Garstang, Lytham and Clitheroe. Photography: Kirsten Platt

Garstang is celebrating 20 years, Lytham 10 years and their flagship store in Clitheroe is 15 years.

Comprised of a mother daughter duo and their team of amazing staff, La Tete et Tout is a one-stop fashion boutique for clothing, footwear and accessories. The shops house a mix of indie brands, most of which derive from Denmark (as The Danes currently seem to be doing everything right) and the collections that can be re-styled with different accessories over the years to make them timeless pieces.

Having a mother and daughter on the buying team means there is something for everyone and every age range at La Tete. Sometimes, the same item will be purchased by a 30-year-old and a 60-year-old but just styled in different ways which is what the girls at La Tete love to see the most! 

Their website and social media allow you to see what the other shops have to offer and if you would prefer to try that piece at your local store, they can have it delivered there.

Keep an eye on their social media as they release information on how they will be celebrating their amazing milestones or join them at their fashion show in Clitheroe on Tuesday 23rd November.

La Tete et Tout

51 Market Place
Garstang PR3 1ZA
01995 602211

15 Clifton Street
Lytham St Annes FY8 5EP
01253 732986

22 Moor Lane
Clitheroe BB7 1BE
01200 429144



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