PLM Health & Fitness in Whalley has introduced an innovative new Wellness Membership to help improve both physical and mental wellbeing long-term. Sarah Varley meets with owner Phil Moss to find out more

What is the new Wellness Membership?
This membership has been carefully crafted to look after both body and mind, with a support network to help make health and lifestyle changes both easier to adopt and, crucially, easier to stick to.
For £65 a month, clients receive a comprehensive induction and goal-setting, 24-hour gym access, two SWEAT classes per week, monthly reviews, four personal training sessions and four counselling or life-coaching sessions with Sara Dewhurst, Wellbeing Psychologist, who is situated right here at the gym at The Well Nest.
We structure the whole year with regular one-to-ones so you are supported and motivated thoughout the 12 months.

What made you decide to add a Wellness Membership?
We place equal importance on physical and mental health at PLM Health & Fitness, and this membership is to help find that perfect balance in today’s hectic lifestyles. We want to help people achieve the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle when they might have failed in the past.
We know how easy it is to give up. There will always be times when it feels easier to sit on the sofa. However, those are the times we need to exercise the most, to get that renewed energy and elevated mood and take time for ourselves to combat fatigue and stress.

What is the key to its success?
Our experience and expertise at PLM Health & Fitness and The Well Nest is key throughout the Wellness Membership. We pick up on each individual’s lifestyle, habits and barriers to find what will work for you and achieve those lasting results.
Change takes time and consistency is vital, so having a network of experts supporting you here is so important. In personal training sessions and reviews we help you discover your own personal motivations and what works for you, and Sara’s wellness sessions are fantastic for overcoming any barriers we face and rediscovering your motivation and positivity to keep going.
Now is a popular time to join a gym when people want to get ready for summer. This is a great positive step but we want to help you reap the benefits of successfully continuing, to take your body and mind to a space it perhaps has never been before. We put the structure in place to keep you motivated all year long.

Joining is simple and all membership sign-ups are available online at

PLM Health & Fitness & The Well Nest
Abbey Works, Back King Street
Whalley BB7 9SP
01254 781777



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