A stunning collection of unique, hand-crafted jewellery can be found in the beautiful setting of Stydd in Ribchester. Photography: Kirsten Platt

Tucked away in the idyllic setting of Stydd Gardens is the delightful Lavandula that features a collection of exclusive jewellery brands.

Owned by Nuala Wheeldon, Lavandula has recently been totally refurbished to seamlessly blend with the vintage-chic theme of Stydd.

The lovely boutique sheds dotted around the rose gardens showcase a variety of businesses and one of the first to greet visitors is Lavandula and the beautiful jewellery that is displayed in French-style cabinetry and shelving.

Always staying ahead of the industry and current trends, Lavandula stocks the likes of ChloBo, the Bali-inspired brand that has made its name on exclusive, hand-made jewellery favoured by some of the UK’s most influential celebrities, from chart topping singers to much loved actresses.

Lavandula also stocks jewellery from Luna Tree hand crafted by a community of silversmiths in remote Northern Thailand with ancient skills, modern creativity and a Fair Trade ethos.

Banjara, Elements, Nkuku and Paula Bolton are also globally-loved brands incorporated in the stunning Lavandula boutique collections.

A new brand for Nuala and Lavandula is Manchester-based Fiyah, which is showcasing a collection of adjustable rings, pendants and bracelets that feature precious metals and designs that are inspired by nature, mysticism and music. Fiyah makes jewellery that flatters with pieces designed to embody strength, confidence and elegance.

Tutti and Co and In Spirit are also names that complement the collections at Lavandula alongside a new range of men’s jewellery that fits well with the boutique’s bohemian style.

“Brushed metals are very much on trend as opposed to shiny metals – or a mixture of the two,” explains Nuala.

“Silver and brushed steel are popular and stacking jewellery remains extremely popular. All the designers are going for the stacking trend with rings, bracelets and long necklaces that can be worn together or separately.”

“All the jewellery at Lavandula can be worn as part of a dressed-up or dressed-down look – that is a feature of all the brands we have.”

Nuala who has been located at Stydd Gardens for more than a year, also has the renowned Wine Shed on site at Stydd, which is set to open a wine school.

“Stydd is a fantastic location for both businesses. Visitors here love the atmosphere and I think the jewellery we have at Lavandula is a perfect fit – it is bohemian, very special and totally unique!”

Stydd Gardens, Stoneygate Lane
Ribchester PR3 3YN
07920 4441110



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