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Brunch has to be my favourite meal of the day and as far as I can remember, it’s always been that way. Looking back, I wonder if it was the ‘Sex and the City’ women that made me want to catch up with my friends in exactly the same way

It was always a meal met with such excitement even while at university, the perfect flatmate get together where we dissected the night before.

These days I have to admit early wake ups with the kids mean I’m ready for brunch even though I’ve usually had breakfast!

But the joy of brunch is that – it’s an event. It’s perfect with friends or family no matter what their ages and a first date option with none of the pressure!

With so many beautiful venues to choose from brunch has also become the most Instagrammable meal of the day.

One such place that’s seen great popularity is Rise Café in Preston. The venue is gorgeous, complete with flower displays in the window, neon signs, modern lighting and even the toilet décor calls out for selfies. But of course the most important part will always remain the food which not only looks but also tastes lovely.

Rise opened in October 2019 and less than six months in had to close its doors and pivot in the pandemic. They did however reopen as soon as they were allowed takeaways and their pastel cups could be seen on any serious coffee drinker’s social media. Despite freezing temperatures crowds still vied for their outdoor seating and since being allowed to fully open the café is always busy.

Owners Leigh and Jack are huge hospitality and food lovers. They met their head chef, Connor working in Lytham and realised that together they all loved brunch, coffee and top service. 

Even though they ate out regularly they felt Lancashire needed a place that focussed solely on brunch.

So, what do they attribute to their success and what is it about brunch that is big business?

“We use local suppliers who we have great relations with, all of who deliver fresh produce throughout the week. Our front of house team is all hired on personality and enthusiasm! We strive for the best and love working together. We are overwhelmed with the success of Rise especially as lockdown was such a daunting process. However, we managed to adapt and really can’t thank all those who supported us enough!”

“Brunch for us is just an easy-going get-together a chance to eat out without stressing out. Digging in before the day ahead or looking back on the night before.”

Town House Coffee and Brew Bar on Friargate, is another perfect brunch spot. They describe themselves as Preston’s Award-Winning Indie Speciality, Breakfast and Brunch Coffee Shop.

Owner Bernice Marie Newton said: “Brunch is great and popular because you get the opportunity to treat yourself to a beautiful tasting and looking dish and a reasonable cost! It also has the glam of a la carte dining and can create a fantastic occasion to meet and be social.”

Although most places are now family friendly catering to kids who eye up huge stacks of pancakes covered in chocolate or syrup, or maybe even both because let’s face it brunch makes you feel like you’re allowed to indulge.

It’s not just the sugar rush or cravings of banana bread and waffles that have us drooling, savoury options are just as mouth-watering. Not to mention how good a photo of that grilled cheese, smashed avocado on sourdough toast or eggs benedict look on your plate.

If your idea of brunch doesn’t remotely involve treating the kids, then there are of course just as many places that will host a boozy brunch often bottomless!

So, what’s next when it comes to brunch?

Due to the popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race many London and Manchester venues are now hosting Drag brunches. Drag brunch began in the US and usually involve live performances plus bottomless bubbly and delicious brunch food and of course drag queens!

Even my tween daughter is now talking about hosting a best friend’s brunch for her birthday rather than her originally planned afternoon tea, it means she gets to spend more time with the girls as they’ll meet earlier. Her plan also involves a place where they can then take plenty of photos of the food, the décor and themselves!

Whether it’s a meal for you or not it’s clear that the popularity of brunch isn’t about to wane any time soon.

Fancy getting your gnashers around some nosh, here are some recommendations for brunch:
• Rise, Miller Arcade, Preston
• Town House Coffee & Brew Bar, Friargate, Preston
• Brew + Bake, Market Street, Preston
• Ravenous, Cannon Street, Preston
• The Pantry at Maxy Farm, Sandy Lane, Preston
• Bread & Butter, Liverpool Road, Preston
• Bistrot Pierre, Fishergate, Preston
• Cafune – South American Cafe, Market St, Preston
• The Cow Shed, Liverpool Road, Preston
• Olive Tree Brasserie Preston, Miller Arcade, Preston
• PLAU Gin and Beer House, Friargate, Preston



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