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Why AKS Nursery?
We have a caring and friendly all year-round nursery where staff welcome children from the age of two years old. Our staff care for children as individuals, supporting their social, emotional, physical and academic development. French lessons are taught, and the children’s creative talents are encouraged in specialist music and dance lessons.

Our commitment to building foundations for life is reflected in the results of our parent surveys, with 100 per cent of those with children in our early years classes reporting that ‘my children’s development is well supported at AKS’, ‘my child(ren) are treated as individuals at AKS’, ‘I’m confident that my child(ren) will be well prepared to move on to the next class at the end of the school year’ (parent survey, February, 2019).

Why AKS Preparatory School?
Our Preparatory School ensures each child achieves their individual academic ambition. Every child is challenged in their lessons each day, inspired by creative teachers to do their very best.

Our students do not sit the SATs, enabling us to keep our curriculum as broad as possible throughout the year and formatively assess the children each term. This enables us to set learning targets for each child and tailor their learning accordingly. In Year 6, 60 per cent of students are working beyond age-related expectations for reading and 40 per cent in their writing and over 60 per cent in their mathematics.

A love of investigative science is nurtured, and coding is taught to the children in specialist computing lessons. French, Spanish and German are also taught by specialist teachers. Similarly, the humanities are taught creatively and are explored in greater depth across the curriculum, including creative writing, field trips and art. There is a strong culture of performance, from assemblies to music concerts and plays each term.
Sport is central to our commitment to the physical and mental wellbeing of the children in our care. We are outstanding in hockey and enjoy success in the disciplines of rugby, football, netball, athletics, cricket, rounders and tennis.

Character education is central to our commitment to the emotional, personal and social development of our students. Through the Round Square Discovery Framework, we inspire our students to develop their skills of self-awareness and personal responsibility, teamwork and resilience, both at school and more intensively on annual residential trips which take place from Year 3.

Why AKS Senior School?
When families are selecting a secondary school for their children, they ask about academic results. We’re proud to have the highest average A level points in the region (Department of Education, January 2019) and five times the national average at grade 9 at GCSE. A contributory factor in our exam success is our innovative Learning to Learn programme which helps students understand how to maximise learning and recall to achieve their potential.

Beyond academic ambition, we support the growth and development of the whole child – including leadership, teamwork, building a social conscience and employability. We do this by utilising the Round Square framework, partnerships and through the high participation rate for our extensive co-curricular programme with over 200 clubs to choose from. For example, 65 per cent of our current Year 10s are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh awards.

We offer a diverse range of sports, from the traditional rugby, hockey, netball, athletics and cricket through to handball, table tennis, football, basketball and many more. Our success is reflected in students playing at county and national level in a wide range of sports. The culture of performance continues throughout our senior school, through our creative arts programmes, as evidenced in our sell-out shows at Lowther Pavilion and exceptional music examination and competition results.

The rounded development which is synonymous with an AKS education has resulted in our longstanding success with initiatives like the Tycoon in Schools business enterprise competition. This year, our Bottle Boutique team was the latest to win this national competition.

Mr McIntyre, head of business education and Tycoons’ team leader, commented; “The entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and work ethic that has led to Bottle Boutique’s success are attributes we seek to build in all our students, whether they choose to study business or not. This creates a culture where students are confident to take the lead, as well as being able to form strong teams. This in turn has resulted in our excellent track record and prepares our students for the world of work.”

To find out more, please register for our Open Day online: or call us directly on 01253 784100 to arrange a visit, or email:

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