Building Foundations For Life

The first five years of life are critical. Character is formed and personality shaped. Children need to be nurtured and guided, learning through imitation, and then by practising their newly found skills, writes Mrs Ilhan, head of AKS Nursery and Junior School

Children need consistent role models to show them the way. They learn through play, exploring new concepts in a social setting, articulating their thoughts and cementing their learning. They learn through doing and develop perseverance by focusing on the task in hand. Children need encouragement to build their own opinions, think creatively and connect ideas. These foundations support the development of critical thinking, a competency for life.

A child’s experience in their first days at school is crucial to their ongoing development and best supported by a positive, trusting relationship between child, parent and teacher. Children soon know whether a teacher really cares about them as an individual. With expert teaching and a high teacher-child ratio, we find development is rapid – academically, personally, socially and emotionally. From an egocentric beginning, children learn how to build relationships with their classmates and teachers. They build self-confidence by having a regular routine. Boundaries make young children feel safe, which enables them to build confidence to try new tasks. This includes where to hang their coat, put their water bottle, how they mark themselves present in class and where they line up at the end of the day. With consistent parameters, high expectations and effective role models, children feel safe and begin to manage their feelings and their behaviour.

Fine and gross motor skills are taught and practised, using pencils, paintbrushes, and scissors; as well as riding a bike and striking a ball. Children learn to listen carefully, how to express themselves, and to extend their concentration span. Introducing a second language capitalises on the developmental window for accelerated learning. They begin to read words and write short sentences, extending their vocabulary through songs, recognising numbers and practising writing in sand and glitter. They understand the world around them by discussing meaningful people and events and exploring the great outdoors.

Building these skills creates foundations for life and there’s nowhere better to start their learning journey than AKS. 100 per cent of parents (AKS EYFS Survey, 2019) reported that they agreed or strongly agreed that: ‘my child’s development is well supported’, ‘my child is treated as an individual’; ‘AKS supports my child to develop social skills’; and ‘my child will be well prepared to move on to the next class at the end of the school year’.

We invite you and your children to attend our open afternoon and taster session on 25th April 1pm-4pm, to experience the AKS difference for yourself

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