Bursting with Life…

Longridge Gallery’s late summer collection is bursting with life, fun, colour and reflection

Longridge Galley is featuring new artworks from two of Britain’s most collectible artists, Jennifer Hogwood and Doug Hyde.

Jennifer Hogwood’s highland herd is back for the summer with two new friends. Pink and blue pastels make the perfect backdrop for these peaceful portraits and Jen’s signature use of jewels as embellishment means each lovable character has a genuine twinkle in their eye. We are delighted to introduce you to Flora and Finlay McMoo, the perfect pair for any setting.

Doug Hyde has been creating artwork which speaks to our hearts for many years and his moving and sincere messages of love, friendship and hope have never been more relevant than they are today. Doug explains: “As you know, some of my artwork is about celebrating the love we share but this piece is a bit different and has grown out of the challenging situation we find ourselves in, where we have had to realign our social attitudes. A few weeks ago, I received a drawing from a young boy called Jack, which perfectly captured having to ‘Love from a Distance’. It was such a beautiful drawing it inspired me to create this artwork. I’m dedicating it to all of you who are keeping your distance from those you love – this is a way we can show our love for each other, and in the end, will bring us closer together.”

To view the entire summer collection please call in to the gallery or visit our website: longridgegallery.co.uk

Longridge Gallery
78 Berry Lane
Preston PR3 3WH
01772 782006



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