With winter on our doorstep, it’s important to have the right, high-quality bedding to keep us warm and enable us to sleep well

Many bedding brands use polyester, cotton blend or wrinkle free fabrics that contain chemicals, which can be absorbed by inhalation. Even bedding labeled as organic cotton can sometimes contain only 80 per cent cotton with the other 20 per cent made up of softening agents and brighteners.

House Babylon is on a mission to revolutionise the traditional bedding industry by producing exceptionally crafted bedding made from only ethically-sourced, premium, 100 per cent Egyptian cotton.

This luxury British brand makes the process of buying bedlinen simple with a curated selection of sophisticated styles and colours. Buy less and buy better is at the heart of the House Babylon brand, and with their bedding made from the finest, sustainable materials, they allow customers to consciously purchase with purpose.

Designed in London and produced in Egypt, House Babylon only uses the purest long-staple Egyptian cotton, grown along the River Nile and hand-picked to ensure quality and comfort.

Unlike authentic Egyptian cotton, short-staple cotton used by the majority of high-street retailers is naturally weak, with many exposed split ends, resulting in a weaker fibre and inferior weave that frays and piles.

“We founded House Babylon because we strongly believe that luxury should not be elusive or exclusive. Our mission is to simplify a confusing retail experience by offering a carefully curated range of exceptionally crafted products, sourced ethically and without the high price tag,” says founder Mariam Elshafie.

The team at House Babylon are passionate about transforming the bedding industry, much of which is surrounded by misleading information around thread count and quality. By only using premium and ethically sourced materials House Babylon offers honest, luxury bedding at affordable prices.

Sheet sets start from £85, duvets from £40 and pillows from £25 each. House Babylon offers three collection sets – the Cairo Collection, the Classic Collection and the Excellence Collection which come in white, grey and green. Move-in sets are available from £160 and include everything you need in one luxurious box.

House Babylon has partnered with Hand & Lock, London’s premier embroidery house since 1767, to offer personalised, hand-sewn monogramming. An extra touch of luxury.



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