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Ribble Valley Animal Feeds is going from strength to strength, with animal care and customer service at its core, writes Gail Bailey. Photography: Kirsten Platt

Since opening at the start of 2020 Ribble Valley Animal Feeds has had a successful year: “Finding the right location was absolutely key to opening the business,” explains owner and lifelong animal lover Olivia Johnstone. “People lead such busy lives so the location needed to be somewhere that customers could quickly get to.”

The business is already expanding due to its success, and is putting in a mezzanine floor for extra storage. Focusing on quality brands is important to Olivia to make sure she only supplies the very best: “Just as people are becoming more aware of their own diets they are doing the same for their pets.”

Some of the award-winning brands that Ribble Valley Animal Feeds stock includes Poppy’s Picnic, Orijen Pet Foods and Carnilove, which are all based on a raw diet with a focus on animal welfare, and with a balance of fruit and vegetables to provide important vitamins and nutrients.

The business continues to offer local deliveries and customers ordering before 11am Monday to Friday can expect their order to arrive on the same day – a huge bonus for animal lovers with busy lives!

Ribble Valley Animal Feeds
Unit 4 Barrow Brook Trade Park
Clitheroe BB7 9BQ
01200 411678



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