Caring for the future

More and more of us are living longer and a high percentage would like to carry on living independently as long as possible

But rather than living on our own there are many benefits to living in a retirement village. With the number of developments increasing, they are fast becoming a popular place to live.

Loneliness is something which can affect the elderly. However, in a retirement village you have the option to spend time with others or have your own peace and quiet for when your friends and family visit.

They also offer security, knowing that there is someone on site should you need them 24/7. Many have facilities such as a doctor, nurse, hairdresser, beautician, restaurant and luxurious social spaces. It’s an opportunity to live in a stress free, low maintenance environment, while still retaining your independence, living in your own self-contained apartment.

As with any accommodation, make sure you do your research to find a location you are happy in and provides the facilities you need. Try and visit them at different times and see if you can chat to some of the residents. Try and get recommendations. What activities, if any, do they put on? What are the staff like? If there is a high turnover, this could mean there’s an issue.

More importantly make sure you find the right home for you. You want to be able to enjoy many more years to come as well as meeting new friends.



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