Celebrating 21 Years

Lindsay Meredith talks to MovingWorks, Georgina Cox and Rachael Worrall about 21 years in business and how they are continuing to drive change in the estate agency market. Combining technology and a personalised service at the heart of their business gives greater flexibility and choice for the modern home mover. Photography: Robin Lyndon

MovingWorks have been selling property in Lancashire and the North West for the past 21 years. The family run business has gone from strength to strength over the decades under the direction of Georgina Cox as managing director. The addition and promotion of Mark Worrall, Georgina’s son and Rachael his wife, has seen the business evolve and innovate to remain streets ahead of the average estate agency.

MovingWorks has been a trusted property partner to thousands of homeowners over the last 21 years. With the unique set of skills in both technology and marketing that Mark and Rachael bring to the company the scene is set for many more thousands of homeowners to experience a professional, seamless and stress free service.

The business has expanded further in recent years with the introduction of Property Partners working exclusively in local areas. The talented professionals live and work in the local areas ensuring homeowners and buyers benefit from in-depth local knowledge, backed up by a suite of marketing tools and technology solutions.

The customer has always been at the heart of MovingWorks. Giving homeowners a choice of selling options which included the bespoke traditional service, a fixed fee selling platform and auction service all combined with industry-leading expertise and exceptional client care provides a flexible, forward thinking proposition that makes moving house better in every way.

Georgina said: “We are excited to have reached this milestone and we are celebrating our 21 years in business by launching a new look and feel. We have always put our customers at the heart of all we do and the recent expansion into new areas and our new branding along with additional services, shows our ambition to continue to evolve and build on the success of the last 21 years.”

Rachael explained: “In our 21st year in business we have the expertise and experience to know what works. The launch of our new branding with the focus on both buyers and sellers, giving them choice demonstrates our commitment to delivering excellent client service. Each client will have a dedicated partner in their local area to support them through the journey and we are expanding this level of service right across Lancashire.”

Georgina added: “We have also gone one step further and launched the COLLECTION. This takes our service and delivery to a more unique portfolio of clients who require a bespoke marketing strategy. This is a new offering for high-end properties where we will employ a range of sophisticated marketing and sales skills appropriate to the individual properties.

Whether it’s the fixed fee selling platform or the COLLECTION service you can be guaranteed excellent service putting your needs as the customer at the heart. Rachael added: “At MovingWorks we are constantly driven to ensure that every interaction with our customer generates a positive experience that exceeds expectations and isn’t attainable anywhere else. We will always deliver on our ethos ‘Your Move, Your Way’ so if you are thinking about moving or selling your property, then please give our team a call today and we are only too happy to discuss your options and support you through the journey.”

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