Charities In Need This Christmas

Whilst most of us will have plenty this Christmas there will be many people in need. If you can spare some money or time, then you could make someone else’s Christmas a little happier

Help the Homeless This Christmas
You can help the homeless through the following ways:

Street donations do not help people long term, even if the person you are donating to is in real need.
Charity donations (both money and new or used items) are best way of helping the homeless in the longer term, as your donations will be used in the best way possible to reach out to the most vulnerable homeless people.

Local homeless charities
The following local charities would welcome donations:
• The Foxton Centre
• The Salvation Army Preston
• Emmaus Community
• Luv Preston

If you would like to volunteer your time to help the homeless, there are a number of volunteer opportunities listed below:
• The Foxton Centre
• The Salvation Army Preston
• Luv Preston
• Local campaigns

Reverse Advent Calendar
Preston Here for Humanity are hosting a reverse advent calendar to help those less fortunate over the festive period. Rather than take a chocolate from an advent calendar though, you add an item to a box ready for the community interest company to collect on Christmas Eve.
Here is a list of the items that they require:
• Tinned tuna
• Tinned sweetcorn
• Baked beans
• Bag of pasta
• Tinned custard
• Tinned fruit
• Tinned potato
• Box of cereal
• Tinned green beans
• Bag of oats
• Tinned mushrooms
• Tinned mackerel
• Tinned tomato soup
• Peanut butter
• Pasta sauce
• Tinned tomatoes
• Tinned carrots
• Tinned vegetable soup
• Packet of spaghetti
• Tinned peas
• Tinned spam
• Bag of rice
• Tub of gravy
• Tinned rice pudding
If you want to take part, email including the address and a phone number where the box will need collecting from. You should put one item from the list in a box to represent each day. Here for Humanity will then contact you to arrange a time for collection and to inform you who will be collecting.

Be a Secret Santa This Christmas
Please buy an extra gift for Mission Christmas if you can, and the Rock FM team will make sure that it gets to a disadvantaged child so they’ll wake up to something under the tree on Christmas morning. All gifts should be new and unwrapped, and you can take them to drop-off points across the area.

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