We take a look at the brands setting the standards in ethically sourced bedding and what consumers should look for

Choosing a duvet involves numerous considerations. But for many consumers, the one now topping the list is being able to guarantee that no animals have been harmed in making the duvet that they’re peacefully snuggling under each night.

Feather and down duvets are renown for being warm, comfy and breathable, and for some are the only duvet of choice. But of course, feather and down is a natural product obtained from animals.

Some of the UK’s top bedding brands take major steps to ensure that no animals have been harmed when sourcing the feather and down that make up their products – this is often reflected in the price, but it’s also a good guide to ensure the premium quality of a product.

The Fine Bedding Company and Nimbus are two brands setting industry standards in quality assurances regarding the traceability of their fillings.

Both of these brands carry globally recognised quality assurances to certify that no animals have been harmed in making the products (for example no live plucking or force feeding) and that they can make the claims displayed on their packaging.

These seals of approval show that the companies behind the brands can fully trace their feather right down to the farms they are obtained from and that these farms have been vetted, with scrutiny, to ensure that they adhere to animal welfare policies.

The Downpass Seal certifies that products are responsibly and ethically sourced, have incurred no live plucking, are fully traceable and by-products of the food industry, much like leather and wool.

IDFL is a third party inspection company, specialising in down and feather testing and auditing. Full IDFL certification is given only when a product’s entire global supply chain has been successfully audited to one of the strictest standards available.

The EDFA stands for the European Down and Feather Association, which is particularly committed to defending consumer interests and animal welfare. The Fine Bedding Company and Nimbus brands have all three accreditations.



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