Be you, but more confident, with the latest non-surgical facial treatments available at award-winning skin clinic RejuvaMed, writes Sarah de Waard

Do you feel that your face has sagged as you’ve aged? Do you stand in front of the mirror and lift up the skin over your cheekbones, thinking ‘yes that’s better!’ You may even have considered a surgical facelift. Fortunately, such invasive treatment is rarely necessary nowadays thanks to the advanced non-surgical options available at leading medical cosmetics clinic RejuvaMed.

Heading up the team is medical director Dr Grant McKeating, a consultant with nearly 30 years’ medical experience, and medical cosmetics specialist.

Dr McKeating tells me: “We see more and more patients in clinic looking for a way to deal with the signs of ageing that come with a loss of facial support, because of the change in bone structure and fat distribution, as we get older. From our late 30s onwards there is a gradual loss of facial volume that contributes to fine lines and wrinkles, as well as an overall sagging of the face. Basically, everything is moving south!

“At RejuvaMed we can reverse this using expertly placed, high quality dermal fillers to lift and re-contour the face. Careful use of filler of different densities at different levels of the face gives a completely fresh look, from lifted eyelids to improved cheek shape and volume, which in turn lifts ‘nose to mouth’ and ‘mouth to jaw’ lines, as well as jowls, without the ‘done’ look.”

“New techniques and products also allow us to effectively reshape a receding chin, or to improve on a poorly defined jaw line, which is popular for both men and women.”

All of this can achieve a fantastic new look in a natural way with very little downtime, which is a huge improvement on both the cost and outcome of outdated surgical face lifts.

Another popular treatment at the clinic is liquid rhinoplasty (nose job). Dr McKeating explains: “If your nose makes you unhappy but a surgical rhinoplasty feels too drastic or if you’re worried about the expense, then a liquid rhinoplasty could be your saviour! This is a non-surgical treatment where dermal filler is carefully used to even out bumps, improve the shape of and sometimes straighten the nose, again with very little downtime.”

However, Dr McKeating is keen to point out just how important it is to choose a doctor-led clinic such as RejuvaMed for such complex treatments, to ensure that the filler is placed safely in the correct way in the right quantities.

“These treatments require a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and cannot be carried out safely by a non-medical professional. We offer all our patients a free, no obligation consultation prior to treatment, and a free two week check up to ensure you have had the best results possible. You can trust us to provide safe, professional and quality treatments with proper aftercare. Our aim is for you to leave our clinic looking and feeling your absolute best!”

For more information call the clinic on 01200 538668 or visit:

RejuvaMed Skin Clinic & Vein Centre
Holmes Cottage
Woone Lane, Clitheroe BB7 1BG
01200 538668



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