Christmas In Clitheroe

There’s never been a better time to shop locally – support your high street and discover the delights that Clitheroe has to offer

Christmas in Clitheroe is always magical – the twinkling lights, the tree and the nativity scene nestled in the shadow of the castle keep.

As this features on Live Ribble Valley magazine’s front cover, in a compilation photograph composed by artist Gosha Gibek, it makes it all the more relevant to know a little about the history of this ancient monument that Gosha describes as the ‘pinnacle’ of the town.

With panoramic views across the Ribble Valley, Clitheroe Castle is perched above the town where it has dominated the skyline for 800 years. Beyond the castle walls, visitors will find an award-winning museum, gift shop and café – a must-see destination for all the family.

Clitheroe Castle Museum tells the story of the town, the formation of the landscape 350 million years ago and why the Ribble Valley is a haven for wildlife.

There are galleries that reflect the rich heritage, industry, legends and folklore of the area. From local heroes to myths and legends, the exhibits, touchscreen animations and history commentaries make a visit to the castle an interactive experience for everyone to enjoy.

The castle keep is a fantastic vantage point and the surrounding parkland provides a popular outdoor space in which to play, walk or simply sit in contemplation.

When winter arrives, the town of Clitheroe comes alive in the run up to Christmas and as we head into November and December, the independent shops, boutiques and businesses along with the vibrant bars and bistros are buzzing with anticipation.

Shoppers in Clitheroe know that they can pick up gifts that are really unique – and for the foodies it is pure heaven, strolling through the busy streets and checking out all the little shops where artisan cheeses, bread and locally-made pastries and cakes can be found.

Support your high street this Christmas and your reward will be the satisfaction of bolstering the local economy – as well as the delight in experiencing all that Clitheroe has to offer.



Tedd Walmsley

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