Thanks to a new offer from Bowker BMW & MINI, owning an old diesel could be a bonus, as Matthew Parkinson discovered

You’ll have heard plenty of bad news about old diesel-engined cars recently. Whether it’s the latest episode in the never ending emissions scandal from another particular car maker who shan’t be named, or the news of the chemicals belched out along with their inky black smoke, and whether you believe them or not, you’ll probably be all too familiar with constant claims that your old diesel car is nothing but trouble.

Thankfully, Bowker BMW & MINI has an offer that’s indisputable. In a bid to get more drivers into cleaner, greener cars, Bowker BMW & MINI is offering anything up to £12,600 off the price of a brand new car when you trade in your old diesel motor.

What’s more, your ‘old diesel’ doesn’t even need to be all that old. So long as your car is below the EU4 emissions standard (registered before January 2009), it’s highly likely your car will be eligible for a trade in against a shiny new BMW or MINI.

Every new MINI launched since 2014 meets EU6 standards so qualifies for the trade in offer, as well as every low emission BMW – for example the all electric BMW i3, a petrol-electric hybrid like the 330e, or a conventionally powered car like the 320d Saloon or 520d Saloon. As long as it’s a new BMW or MINI emitting less than 130g/km of pollutants, it’s yours for the taking.

Your new vehicle must be registered by 31 December 2017 and in the same name and address as the vehicle you are trading in. The offer is open to retail customers only and the trade in vehicle must be diesel, EU4 emission standard or older and owned for at least 12 months.

So, what’s stopping you? To find out if your car’s eligible, and how much you could save, get in touch with Bowker’s ‘Clean Diesel’ team at Bowker Preston on 01772 766099 or text BOWKER followed by your car’s registration number to 60777.

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