Colour is the biggest hair revolution of the 21st century. Perfect tones and shades can transform a look and make you look 10 years younger. But get it wrong and it can take years to put right, writes Amanda Grundy

Salon owner Freddie Cunliffe has declared his colour specialists Matt Threlfall and Beth Dickinson to be the best in the business!

With more than 33 years’ experience between them, Freddie says any client’s hair is safe in their hands and he has been blown away by their recent work.

Whether it be an icy blonde, a fiery red, a soft grey or a subtle balayage, Matt and Beth work with their clients to give them their dream colour.

The owner of Freddie’s luxury salon in Rossendale, says: “I have been watching their work and what they do is truly amazing. They can turn their hand to anything be it the latest techniques of balayage, baby lights and hair painting, to the more traditional highlights.

“Sometimes we have clients whose hair has been badly damaged by colour treatments they have had elsewhere and the transformations they achieve with Matt and Beth, whilst trying to restore the condition, are nothing short of mind-blowing.”

Beth, 28, qualified with a Schwarzkopf Colour Masterclass at the age of just 16 and since then her work has gone from strength to strength.

She says: “Hair colouring has been revolutionised by new products that have come onto the market and we’re lucky to work with the best at Schwarzkopf. Fibreplex is in everything which helps maintain the condition whilst achieving the look the client wants.”

“But we are honest with our clients about what can be achieved given the existing colour and texture of their hair and what they have done to it before. Sometimes it can take a few visits before we get where they want to be. But your hair is your crowning glory and it’s worth being patient to get the colour you want without damaging your hair.”

Matt, 34, agrees. He says the biggest challenge they face is clients’ expectation versus what can be achieved, fuelled by social media posts that have been filtered or edited.

He explains: “There are lots of ‘insta-famous’ hairdressers who post pictures of their work without explaining that it might’ve taken 12 hours, more than one visit, and then they have filtered the picture as well.

“With our transformations what you see is what you get. Working with Schwarzkopf means we are at the forefront of the latest trends, colours and techniques, be it balayage, free-hand highlights or face-framing. What we do is use a combination of all techniques to create a personalised experience – what works for one person doesn’t work for all.”

Matt and Beth have seen a boom in clients wanting grey tones, sun-drenched locks and even pastel colours which are set to be big.

And at Freddies the staff work with their clients to make sure they get a look that wows.

Matt says: “It is vital that clients come for a full consultation beforehand so we know exactly what they want and we can explain what will work.”

Beth says: “We work hard to get the right colour for our clients using the right techniques. The feeling we get when our clients walk out of the salon is worth all the time and effort we put in.”

56 Bank Steet, Rossendale BB4 8DY
01706 222762



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