A leading physiotherapy practice known for successfully treating professional athletes to everyday injuries, has launched a new clinic in the Ribble Valley at Oakhill Leisure in Whalley

MM Physiotherapy has a reputation for treating professional athletes including runners, footballers and touring golf professionals. They use their clinical expertise to care and support the rehabilitation of all musculoskeletal injuries.

Clinical director Mike Murray heads up the team at MM Physiotherapy. He has an Honours degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Salford via the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) following his time as a player at Rochdale AFC.

Mike’s expertise lies with high level rehabilitation and his experience working within professional sport enables him to understand the standards set at the highest level. Mike explains: “Applying the same process into everyday injuries that cause pain and dysfunction, allows for a quicker recovery and empowers our patients to understand the nature of their injury and how to rehabilitate their issue with our guidance.”

Whether you are in pain, injured, recovering from surgery or just performing below par, rest assured you are in safe hands with Mike and his professional team.

MM Physiotherapy’s practitioners offer expert treatment for acute and chronic pain or injury.

“All injuries are usually caused by a movement dysfunction or an underlying imbalance that results in pain. Whether it be the back or neck, shoulder, hip or lower limb, the connecting factors of the stresses we load our bodies with everyday inevitably results in injury,” adds Mike.

At MM Physiotherapy their aim is to get to the root of the problem and work out an ongoing programme of rehabilitation to ensure their patients remain pain free and prevent further future injury.

Having an established practice in Todmorden in the Calder Valley, Mike has now opened a second clinic at Oakhill in Whalley – a great rural location for Ribble Valley residents.

“We have treatment rooms and rehabilitation facilities here at Oakhill, we’re part of a great team and it’s the perfect for us,” adds Mike.

As a golfer himself competing at district level and for his club, Mike also applies his playing knowledge and skill to golf-specific biomechanical analysis: “I have worked with golf touring professionals for over five years now. Having a background in professional sport and playing to a high standard, I believe is key to the close support I provide and understanding the players needs and goals.

“I have close connections with club professionals in the area namely Paul McEvoy at Clitheroe golf club and Mark McEvoy at the Prairie driving range in Burnley, who refer their clients to me for physio-specific input, whether it be for pain or movement dysfunction that affects their performance.”

The high clinical standards and friendly approach adopted by the team at MM Physiotherapy, make for a professional yet relaxed experience for patients of all injuries and ages to help them return to optimum health and fitness.

For more information visit:

Contact MM Physiotherapy reception
07890 571719

MM Physiotherapy
Oakhill Leisure, Wiswell Lane
Whalley BB7 9AF

facebook@MM Physiotherapy-Todmorden & Whalley



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