Saturday Kitchen’s Matt Tebbutt put ESSE’s 990 EL range cooker through its paces in an electrifying cookery demonstration at Kate Humble’s working farm

Welsh hill farm lamb and freshly landed monkfish were on the menu when TV celebrity chef Matt Tebbutt joined broadcaster and writer Kate
Humble for an ESSE cookery demonstration at Kate’s working farm.

The Saturday Kitchen presenter wowed guests with a mouth-watering menu – all cooked on ESSE’s 990 EL electric range cooker. Matt showcased the 990’s all-round versatility and outstanding roasting and griddling ability by preparing two very different dishes.

The lamb dish demonstrated the 990 EL’s ability to sear a lamb neck fillet with a deliciously crisp, caramelised finish while Matt’s seared monkfish recipe made perfect use of the cast iron hotplates’ ability to ‘steam and sizzle’ simultaneously.

Kate Humble’s working farm is perched high upon a hilltop overlooking the stunning Wye Valley, near Monmouth in rural Wales. Kate relies on ESSE stoves and range cookers to deliver her expanding range of cookery, craft and rural skills courses.

After a warm welcome from Kate, during a packed programme, guests also enjoyed wood-fired cookery demonstrations by ESSE’s own demo chef Dan Blewitt on the new Bakeheart cook stove and a foraging session with Beca Beeby.

Participants could make their own autumnal gin, infusing local Wye Valley Gin with hedgerow berries or a wild hedgerow-flavoured vinegar, before sitting down to a delicious lunch of lamb from Kate’s farm, halloumi and delicious seasonal sides in the Pig and Apple café.

Every ESSE cooking and heating appliance is entirely hand-built by a skilled workforce in Barnoldswick, Lancashire – the stoves are some of the cleanest burning and most energy efficient appliances available and are exported around the world.

ESSE hosts regular cookery demonstrations featuring some of the UK’s leading chefs

Find details of more ESSE cooking demonstrations together with a selection of recipes at:



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