Lauren Molyneux catches up with DJ Georgie K a young artist from the Ribble Valley, who is leading the way for females in the electronic music industry

DJ Georgie K’s name is quickly becoming known in UK music circles, with recent single ‘Skibidi’ (featuring Sugar ‘N’ Spice) making it to the Top 10 of the iTunes charts. However, plans for the Stonyhurst College alumna didn’t always involve music. For Georgie K, the prospect of becoming a DJ arose when she noticed a gap in the market.

“I was working in a law firm after I left Sixth Form and was going out with friends but found a lot of the time I didn’t enjoy the music that was being played,” says Georgie. “At the same time, I noticed a huge gap in the market – there were so many international female DJs but at the time it seemed like there were none in the UK. I initially saw it as more of a business opportunity and decided I could be the one to fill the gap.”

After completing a course with the School of Electronic Music in Manchester, Georgie began working on her own mixes and found she was getting bookings in local clubs. However, being a female DJ in the male-dominated industry, she faced struggles.

“People didn’t always take me seriously, and I always knew it was because I’m a girl,” says Georgie. “I definitely faced challenges, but there are females all over the world who do really well for themselves within the industry and that’s where I found my inspiration.”

Listening predominantly to rock music in her teenage years, Georgie looks to her time at Stonyhurst College as a source of inspiration for the genres of music she now works with. With such a varied and diverse student body, she was influenced by the music enjoyed by her peers, particularly the genres of Hip Hop, R’n’B and Afrobeats – a sub-genre within West African music in which the beat itself is the driving force and major character of the song.

DJ Georgie’s hard work and perseverance, as well as her ability to mix a wide range of genres and produce original music has not gone unnoticed , with some leading industry names now keeping in touch for potential future work. A recent gig in Ibiza and her set at a high-profile after-party thrown by Conor McGregor, has seen DJ Georgie’s following increase dramatically.

Georgie comments: “I was so honoured to DJ in Ibiza – that is the dream for most DJs! It was at Ushuaia, one of the biggest venues over there, and there were so many well-known names on the bill, including Tinie Tempah and French Montana. It feels amazing to be able to say that I performed on the same line-up. Conor McGregor’s after-party was also amazing – one of the biggest events I have worked at in the UK, and definitely an experience I will remember for a long time.”

For Georgie, the best thing about her job is being her own boss: “I just remember being so stressed and busy all the time in my four years at the law firm. I love my life now, as I know that I’m in control of everything myself,” says Georgie.

Her ambitions for the future involve developing her work to expand her brand and being able to manage a variety of artists, as well as continuing to create her own music.

In the near future, Georgie’s plans involve touring with her music: “We’ve been looking at Asia. It isn’t the biggest place for Hip Hop and R’n’B music, but I think that my image, and the brand as a whole, is just so different to everything that is going on in music scenes over there. I think a tour over there would be really exciting.”

DJ Georgie K’s new single, ‘Rudeboy’ (featuring Sugar ‘N’ Spice & AdeJosh) has now been released and is available to stream or download from Spotify and iTunes

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