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Habitat Architecture embraces the unique beauty of each location, creating unique homes and adapting existing ones to minimise environmental impact while harmonising with the surrounding landscape and character. Photography: Suzanne Skeen

With years of on-site experience, starting from stone masonry building and eventually owning his own construction company (while simultaneously studying architectural technology and later landscape design) Roger Hines possesses a comprehensive understanding of the entire construction and architectural process of building a house.

His passion for the outdoors creates an undeniable synergy between landscape and architecture, which he brings to every project. He explains: “While I am an architectural technologist and landscape designer, it is often my building background that brings people to Habitat Architecture.”

Having a unique skillset certainly sets chartered architectural technologist Roger and his architectural practice apart.

The practice’s focus is on designing buildable, beautiful homes that meet clients’ requirements: “Designs need to be buildable and have the ability to perform – they can’t just look pretty. The technical side and attention to detail are key to the projects’ final functionality.”

Perhaps one of Roger’s most important qualities is his approachable nature. He explains: “Builders, clients and consultants feel they can pick up the phone and speak to me about a project they are actively working on. There aren’t any barriers! I feel that the lines of communication are always open, and that’s one of the most important things for me.”

With Roger’s background in construction, he can offer logical, sensible design and construction solutions, which helps to save builders time and, ultimately, clients’ money.

“When I design, I visualise things in 3D – I’m essentially building it in my head. Right from the start, I focus on the technical details. Once those are sorted, I can then proceed to make it visually stunning from an aesthetic standpoint.”

As the founder of Habitat Architecture, Roger is dedicated to building sustainable architecture with an ecological and sensible approach that integrates seamlessly into a site’s environment, landscape and natural habitat. Projects also reflect a sensible but creative approach to design and cost-effective solutions.

“I like to design luxury traditional homes that perform like a modern-day Aston Martin. They need to be a perfect machine in terms of sustainability while harmonising with nature and the surrounding landscape.”

At Habitat Architecture we would love to hear from you if you’re considering a building project. Feel free to get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Habitat Architecture 
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Clitheroe BB7 1DR 
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