Providing a safe yet stimulating environment in a child’s early years puts them on a path that promotes confidence, motivation and creativity

Early Years education is a vital step in a child’s development in what should be a stimulating and nurturing environment, allowing children to be confident and valued in order that they reach their full potential academically, socially, emotionally and creatively. 

The activities within an Early Years curriculum are carefully planned to ensure they are thought provoking and motivating, so they promote independence as a child develops and learns.

Many Early Years facilities give children access to a vast array of opportunities – often providing them with the option of both indoor and outdoor learning activities.

Outdoor learning often provides youngsters with challenging and stimulating environments where they can work independently or as a team as they are taught life skills that create happy and confident individuals.

Equipping children with knowledge and the ability to think for themselves promotes curiosity and creativity.

Many nurseries provide wrap-around care too, to giving busy parents flexibility and giving children the opportunity to spend more time with their peers before and after school.

Busy working lives mean parents can drop their children off early and pick them up later in the day – confident that they are being nurtured and well cared for in an environment where their wellbeing is central.

After school activities during the extended day may involve having tea with other children, often followed by a programme that centres around play and winding down at the end of the busy school day.

Many Early Years facilities and nurseries also hold holiday clubs providing stimulating interactive programmes of activity during the summer holidays giving youngsters access to outdoor sports, countryside exploration and nature projects, crafts and art.

Education in this early phase of a child’s life sets them on a path to an interesting and inspirational future as they grow in confidence, make new friends and learn both academically and practically from an array of exciting opportunities that are presented to them.



Tedd Walmsley

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