These lovely silk cushions make a beautiful keepsake for Christmas

Christmas is the ideal time to celebrate with a loved one and the team at My Billet Doux has created a collection of truly stunning long-lasting gifts.

My Billet Doux are beautiful love-note silk cushions decorated with antique ribbon. They come in various shades and are totally unique and luxurious, celebrating love and the written word.

Write a note with the notebook or note cards provided and leave it tucked in the cushion for it to be discovered.

The note can then be reread, cherished all year round and kept in the gorgeous keepsake, on your favourite chair, sofa or bed.

Each cushion comes with a notebook, note cards and pen of your choice – all in a luxury signature box.

Charms can also be added to the back of the cushion making each piece unique and bespoke. For example there are English vintage silver charms that can be clipped to the back pocket zip with a ring clasp. Up to six charms will fit on the clasp and each charm comes with a little quote or message.




Tedd Walmsley

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