Kirkham Grammar School Headmaster Daniel Berry ended his first year as head with an excellent inspection report

The rigour, volume and attention to detail of an Independent School Inspection means that every area of Kirkham Grammar School was under scrutiny. Of the last three inspections, the earlier two have been deemed ‘very good’ with the most recent recognising the school as ‘excellent across all areas’, the highest grading possible within the independent sector.

Needless to say, even though the wheels of preparation at Kirkham Grammar were well-oiled, the school went on red alert, staying open continuously for 72 hours for the purpose of the inspection, during which time over 60 lessons were observed, meetings undertaken and every aspect of the school’s infrastructure and life inspected.

The inspection found that the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent, saying: “Pupils are articulate and display excellent verbal and communication skills.”

The report adds: “Pupils are ambitious learners, eager to respond to challenging opportunities in lessons and clear target setting in marking.”

The quality of the pupils’ personal development was also deemed excellent: “Pupils reflect the strong family ethos of the school and demonstrate excellent collaboration in and out of lessons.”

Following the inspection, Headmaster Mr Berry said: “The recent inspection confirmed what was already known; Kirkham Grammar School is the best kept educational secret in Lancashire. However, it was pleasing for everyone that it has been officially acknowledged against national criteria that we are working hard to ensure our pupils get the finest education.”

Kirkham Grammar School
Ribby Road, Kirkham
Preston, Lancashire PR4 2BH
Junior School 01772 673222
Senior School 01772 684264



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